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Dawn of time


The Voidform are the unfortunate denizens of the Nexus, a plane of existence that lies outside the conventional realms of space and time. Despite being an ever-present reality across every world in the universe, the Nexus is a place of eternal torment and despair, far removed from the warmth and light of any known dimension. Those who enter the Nexus, either through voluntary exploration or as a consequence of death, become Voidform.

The transformation into Voidform is a gruesome and unending process. Upon entering the Nexus, individuals begin to undergo a series of horrific changes. The longer they remain in this forsaken plane, the more disfigured and tortured they become. Voidform creatures are recognisable by their nightmarish appearances, marked by the following characteristics:

Skin and Flesh Degeneration: Over time, the skin of Voidform beings starts to strip away, revealing congealed, gel-like flesh beneath. This flesh defies gravity, floating and pulsating in a ghastly manner. It is believed this happens due to the non-linearity of the fabric of time, and the bending, forever looping concept of space.

Disembodiment: Body parts may become dislocated or entirely separated, yet they remain grotesquely attached through some inexplicable force. Limbs can almost 'float' alongside their bodies, and eyes may dangle or be torn from their sockets.

Torturous Deformities: The absence of time means wounds do not heal, and every injury, every scar, remains perpetually fresh. The Voidform's appearance is a culmination of the endless agony they endure, with features twisted and broken beyond recognition.

The Nexus is a realm of eternal suffering where the concept of time is absent, leading to a never-ending cycle of pain and despair. The minds of these beings are constantly assaulted by the horrors of their existence, stripping away any semblance of sanity they once possessed. Memories of their former lives fade, replaced by a relentless awareness of their current torment.

The Nature of the Nexus
The Nexus itself is a chaotic and nightmarish dimension. It is an ever-changing landscape of darkness and distortion, where reality is fluid and unstable. The environment mirrors the torment of its inhabitants, with the very air thick and oppressive, laden with the cries of the damned.

The Ever-Present 'Red' Darkness: The Nexus is shrouded in a perpetual red twilight, a murky half-light that obscures and distorts vision. Shadows move with a life of their own, creating a sense of perpetual dread.

Unstable Terrain: The ground is treacherous and unpredictable, shifting and changing with each step. Chasms open without warning, and twisted landscapes confound the senses, making navigation nearly impossible.

Haunting Echoes: The cries and whispers of countless beings fill the air, a constant reminder of the suffering that pervades this realm. These echoes can drive even the strongest minds to madness.

The exact reason for the existence of the Voidform and the Nexus remains a mystery to the inhabitants of worlds who have discovered its existence. Some believe that the Nexus serves as a form of cosmic punishment, a place where the most tormented souls are sent to atone for their dark deeds. Others theorise that it is a prison, designed to contain beings of immense power and malevolence, preventing them from wreaking havoc on other worlds.

Most Voidform are mere spectators to their own suffering and that of others. They wander aimlessly, their only purpose to endure the endless torment of their existence.

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