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Current status:


Intelligence grade:



65 Earth years
















First discovered:

9th era


The Tathos are visually striking, with tough, scaled skin that provides protection and insulation. Their hawk-like facial features include sharp beaks and keen eyes, surrounded by feathers that add to their distinctive appearance. Their amphibious nature allows them to move seamlessly between land and water, making them excellent swimmers and divers.

One unique aspect of the Tathos is their reliance on water to regulate their body temperature. Unlike other races, they cannot internally maintain their body heat and must frequently immerse themselves in water to cool down. This physiological trait ties them closely to the aquatic environments they inhabit and shapes their daily routines and social structures.

The Tathos hold a revered place in the cultures of Burana-Kai and beyond. The Datuvans, residing in the south-east of Anarkand, hold a particular fondness for the Tathos. Stories and legends of Tathos saviours feature prominently in Datuvan folklore, cementing their bond and mutual respect. These tales often highlight the heroics of the Tathos during a critical moment in Datuvan history.

In the 11th era, the Datuvans faced a dire threat from the expansionist Radamis Empire. The empire, known for its ruthless conquests, sought to subjugate the peaceful Datuvans and seize their fertile lands. The Datuvans, though brave, were ill-equipped to withstand the might of the Radamis forces.

As the Radamis armies advanced, the Datuvans sent out a desperate plea for help. The Tathos, who were nearby on a diplomatic excursion, became aware of the Datuvan plight, and despite having no history with the Datuvans prior, answered the call.

The Tathos arrived near the Datuvan border with Taborra and quickly assessed the situation, devising a plan to defend the Datuvans. Using their deep knowledge of the terrain and their ability to move swiftly through water and land, they orchestrated a series of strategic ambushes and defensive plays. The Tathos utilised their strength and agility, striking the Radamis forces with precision and retreating into the shadows before the enemy could regroup.

One of the most legendary moments of this campaign occurred at Crimson Pass. The Radamis forces had cornered the Datuvans near the pass, intending to cut off their exit back to the mainland and force a surrender. The Tathos, knowing the importance of this chess play, launched a daring counterattack. Emerging from the water in a coordinated assault, the Tathos overwhelmed the Radamis troops, driving them back and securing the Crimson Pass.

Despite their heroic efforts, the Tathos knew that their numbers were too few to win a prolonged conflict against the vast Radamis Empire. Recognising the importance of the Datuvan survival, the main diplomat, Tumaka-Kolar proposed a final, sacrificial stand. The Tathos warriors would hold off the Radamis forces long enough for the Datuvans to evacuate through the pass and regroup in safer territories.

In a valiant last stand, the Tathos fought with unparalleled bravery, giving their lives to protect the Datuvans. Their sacrifice bought the time needed for the Datuvans to escape, and their legacy was forever etched into the hearts and minds of the survivors. The Datuvans, inspired by the courage and selflessness of the Tathos, eventually rallied and successfully defended their lands, driving the Radamis invaders back.

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