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Mara - Queen of Kabal

Mara - Queen of Kabal


Current status:


Intelligence grade:



320 Earth years


Union of Kabal


Unique Inhabitant


Mara - Queen of Kabal

kween ma-ra of kuh-bal


Immured by region







First discovered:

12th era


Queen Mara complements her King with her compassionate and empathetic nature. She is deeply involved in social welfare programs and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for all Kaballans. Mara’s dedication to her people and her hands-on approach to governance ensure that the voices of the common folk are heard and addressed.

King Zuma and Queen Mara are the appointed monarchs of Kabal, a nation renowned for its intricate governance and deeply rooted traditions. Their roles are not hereditary as they are appointed by the revered Father of Kabal and Mother of Kabal, spiritual and cultural figures who embody the ancestral wisdom and guiding principles of the Kaballan people.


Front-Facing Diplomats
King Zuma and Queen Mara serve as the primary representatives of Kabal to the wider world of Anarkand. Their duty is to forge and maintain diplomatic relations with other nations, ensuring that Kabal remains respected and influential in the region. They participate in international summits, negotiate treaties, and cultivate alliances that benefit their nation’s interests.

Governance and Order
The king and queen are the pillars of governance in Kabal. They oversee the creation and implementation of laws, ensuring that the legal framework of their land is just and equitable. Their governance extends to maintaining public order and addressing any internal conflicts that arise. They are known for their judicious and fair approach, balancing tradition with the needs of their people.

Economic Stability
Ensuring a stable and prosperous economy is a critical responsibility for King Zuma and Queen Mara. They oversee economic policies, manage resources, and encourage trade both within and outside Kabal. By fostering innovation and supporting local industries, they aim to create a sustainable economic environment that benefits all Kaballans.

Diplomatic Achievements
Under their rule, Kabal has seen a period of significant diplomatic success. King Zuma and Queen Mara have successfully negotiated several key treaties that have bolstered Kabal’s security and economic prosperity. They have established strong ties with neighbouring nations and have been instrumental in forming alliances that promote peace, cooperation, and the destruction of the Marakai.

Maintaining Tradition and Progress
Despite their progressive governance, King Zuma and Queen Mara are deeply committed to preserving the rich cultural heritage of Kabal. They actively promote traditional arts, rituals, and ceremonies, ensuring that the Kaballan identity remains vibrant and intact. They balance this respect for tradition with a vision for the future, embracing technological advancements and modern practices that enhance their nation’s growth.

The Challenges Ahead
The path ahead for King Zuma and Queen Mara is fraught with challenges. They must navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing world, address internal dissent, and ensure that Kabal remains resilient against external threats. However, their strong leadership and unwavering commitment to their people provide a solid foundation for overcoming these obstacles.

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