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To the south-west of Anarkand in close proximity to Sujira Island, lies another island known as Caroline Island. A research team that was shot down near Sujira Island had the misfortune of crash-landing here. Each and every one of the inhabitants of the island is known by one name only...Caroline!

Where they came from is open for debate, but researchers believe the infamous Koballah are responsible due to heretic writings discovered in the 11th era. The authenticity of the writings is still being debated to this day but many believe them to be genuine.

They speak of unholy acts committed against a human abductee, known only as Caroline. The Koballah, it is written, cloned this being a multitude of times in order to create what they believed to be the perfect human being. However, something went wrong, very wrong, and it is recorded that the Koballah transported all clones to an island near Sujira Island, creating a barrier around it that kept them from leaving. Any clones that dared to step off the island would immediately trigger a Koballahn-built beacon that would stop their heart, thus nullifying them instantly.

The Caroline clones all refer to themselves and others as Caroline. They have named all areas and regions by the same name, and collectively they refer to themselves as the Caroline. Their behaviours are very unique, and despite small variations in how they look, they are practically identical to one another, from the way they speak, to the mannerisms they share.

How long a Caroline lives for is unknown. There is no recorded data due to the fact that it is difficult to reach the island. What is known is that the height of the Carolines ranges from between 4'9" and 5'2". Their speech patterns and verbalisation is fairly unique. All Carolines are female, there are no males to speak of.

The Carolines wear strange suits not known to the wider world of Anarkand. Again, it is believed that the Koballah created these suits as a means of control and research. The Carolines don't reproduce in any classic way, their methods are very scripted and seem to peak between the Earth age of 16 and 40. The Carolines reproduce by entering the Continuum Chamber situated in the central area of Caroline Island. What happens in there is unknown, but upon leaving, an additional Caroline is born ( created ).

The origins of Caroline Island are unknown to the inhabitants of Anarkand. This strange island to the south-west of Anarkand didn't appear on any maps for thousands of years, and was only discovered by chance when the Red Hex above the world suffered damage that required repair. Initially, the island was referred to as Livingstone's Key, but was renamed many years later upon the discovery of Andromanian writings.

Many believe the island to be crafted by inhabitants of the world, however the evidence for this is sketchy at best. Those who believe this to be the case, often cite the fact that the island is essentially off-limits due to its close proximity to Sujira Island, an island slightly to the north that no-one is allowed to visit, due to it belonging to the Anarkian empress of which the island is named after.

Everything that the Carolines need can be found on the island. This is evidenced by how well they are thriving in their current environment.

It is unclear how a new Caroline enters the world, other than the understanding that something happens in the continuum chamber. All new Carolines come equipped with the body armour modifications, helmets and other gear. The purpose of which is assumed rather than known, with many who have witnessed the Carolines believing it is some sort of environmental protection or breathing apparatus.

Caroline are a very social group. Carolines are equally respectful of one another as they are hostile. There hasn't been enough observation done in order to examine the system they use, however communication and intelligence is not questioned.

Caroline cannot leave the island. Any who have tried have been met with sudden death. Someone or something is keeping them on the island, but the reason for doing so is still unknown.

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