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Plaga Sacha

Plaga Sacha


Current status:


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Western Anarkand




Plaga Sacha

pla-gah sat-cha









First discovered:

3rd era


The Plaga Sacha inhabit the diverse landscapes of western Anarkand. Standing at just one foot tall, these impulsive creatures have a complex history intertwined with the ecosystems and cultures of the region. The name "Plaga Sacha" translates roughly to "The pests plague" in an ancient dialect of the region that is no longer used called, Brolog-ka-tah.

For centuries, the Plaga Sacha lived in relative obscurity, their small size and swift movements allowing them to evade most predators and Anarkian notice. However, as settlements expanded into their territories, the Plaga Sacha's unique traits became more widely known. Initially considered pests themselves, these creatures gradually revealed their value in controlling other pest populations, leading to a shift in their relationship with the world.

Plaga Sacha thrive in the temperate forests, grassy plains, and rocky outcroppings of western Anarkand. Their nests are typically found in burrows dug into the earth or hidden among dense vegetation. These nests, constructed with remarkable ingenuity for their limited intelligence, consist of intricate tunnels and chambers that provide shelter and storage for food.

The creatures are highly adaptable and can also be found near Anarkian settlements, where they take advantage of the abundant resources. Despite their natural habitats being quite varied, they prefer areas with ample cover to protect them from predators and harsh weather.

The Plaga Sacha live in loosely organized colonies, each led by a dominant male or female. These colonies, often consisting of 20 to 30 individuals, operate with a basic social hierarchy, primarily determined by strength and resource acquisition. Their interactions are driven by instinctual behaviours rather than complex social rituals.

These tiny creatures are omnivorous, feeding on a diet of insects, small animals, fruits, and roots. One of their most notorious behaviours is their tendency toward cannibalism, particularly in times of food scarcity. This macabre trait ensures that only the strongest survive, though it can be triggered impulsively even in less dire circumstances.

With an intelligence comparable to that of dogs, Plaga Sacha exhibit a range of behaviours that can be shaped through training. They respond well to food-based rewards and can be taught to perform simple tasks such as retrieving objects, clearing pest infestations, and even basic forms of communication using gestures and sounds.

Over time, the Plaga Sacha's role in human society has evolved. Once seen as mere pests, their ability to control insect populations and other small vermin made them valuable allies. Their natural predatory instincts, coupled with their trainability, have led to their domestication in many western Anarkand settlements.

Plaga Sacha have become popular pets due to their manageable size, relatively low maintenance needs, and usefulness in pest control. They are kept in homes and farms, where their presence helps to reduce infestations of insectoids and other small fauna. Their playful and curious nature makes them engaging companions, and their loyalty can be secured through regular feeding and positive reinforcement.

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