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Richard Applewhite

Richard Applewhite


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Nekata Forest


Unique Inhabitant


Richard Applewhite

richard applewhite


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Richard Applewhite's story is one of tragedy and transformation, a chilling tale that haunts the depths of the Nekata Forest. Once a mere human, Richard's life took a horrific turn when he was abducted by the enigmatic Koballah, a race known for conducting terrifying experiments on various lifeforms. These experiments, shrouded in mystery and fear, were said to take place within the confines of Vekktor Labs, a clandestine laboratory hidden deep within the dense foliage of the Nekata Forest.

Little is known about the Koballah themselves, as they operated in secrecy, leaving only whispers and legends in their wake. Some believed them to be nothing more than a cautionary tale, a myth devised to keep curious wanderers away from the forest's treacherous depths. Others, however, insisted that the Koballah were real, their presence lurking just beyond the veil of reality, conducting unspeakable atrocities within the confines of their laboratory.

It was within the decaying confines of Vekktor Labs that Richard Applewhite's fate was sealed. Bound by chains and subjected to the torturous experiments of the Koballah, For years, Richard endured unimaginable horrors within the depths of Vekktor Labs. The Koballah subjected him to twisted experiments, exposing him to unknown chemicals, serums, and genetic manipulations. As the roots of the forest began to encroach upon the laboratory, a catastrophic event occurred, causing a chain reaction of chemical spills and genetic mutations that would forever alter Richard's fate.

The effects of the spilled chemicals and genetic manipulations triggered a rapid and grotesque transformation within Richard's body. His limbs stretched and contorted, bursting from their restraints as his body began to merge with the surrounding environment. The roots of the forest intertwined with his flesh, fusing him with the very essence of the Nekata Forest and Vekktor Labs.

The agony Richard endured during this transformation was unimaginable. He screamed and thrashed against his bindings, but there was no escape from the monstrous fate that awaited him. With each passing moment, Richard grew larger and larger, his body becoming an amalgamation of flesh, roots, and metal, until he stood as a towering colossus, rooted to the earth like a living monument to the horrors of Vekktor Labs.

For Richard, there was no escape from his torment. Trapped within his colossal form, he was condemned to an existence of eternal suffering, his cries of agony occasionally echoing through the silent depths of the Nekata Forest.

Despite his monstrous appearance, Richard retained a flicker of consciousness, a spark of humanity and a remnant of the man he once was. Deep within the twisted labyrinth of roots and vines that now comprised his body, memories of his former life lingered, a bittersweet reminder of all that he had lost.

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