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Radamis Mazkarian

Radamis Mazkarian


Current status:


Intelligence grade:



70 Earth years


United Territories




Radamis Mazkarian

rah-da-miss maz-kah-ree-ann






12e Alliance


Radamis Empire

First discovered:

12th era


The Radamis Mazkarians are a distinct and highly revered class within the Radamis Empire, tasked with the vital role of spreading the teachings and religion of Radamik throughout Anarkand. This sacred order of religious elders has its origins deeply rooted in the early history of the Radamis Empire, dating back to the empire's founding.

Radamik, who proclaimed himself as a god-king and the divine ruler of Anarkand, established the Mazkarians to ensure his teachings and the empire’s ideological foundations were disseminated far and wide. The Mazkarians were envisioned as not just spiritual leaders but also as the empire’s diplomats and scholars, embodying the wisdom, strength, and unwavering loyalty demanded by Radamik.

Mazkarians hold a significant and influential position within the Radamis society. They are the embodiment of the empire's religious authority and act as the primary agents in promoting and enforcing the worship of Radamik. Their influence extends beyond the religious sphere into the political and social realms, making them both feared and respected figures.

Their immunity from war, granted by an international agreement established by The Temple of Anark, allows them to operate in war zones and hostile territories without fear of attack. This immunity is essential for their diplomatic missions and the spread of Radamik's doctrine. However, this protection is strictly tied to their status as Mazkarians, which they maintain by adhering to a rigid set of rules, the most crucial of which is never to remove their masks.

The masks, which are sacred symbols of their devotion and authority, must remain on at all times. Removing the mask is considered the ultimate act of betrayal and results in immediate expulsion from the order. Within ten days of exile, the individual loses their immunity and can be killed on sight by any Radamikan, emphasizing the severity of this transgression.

Becoming a Mazkarian is a rigorous and demanding process, reflecting the immense responsibilities and honour associated with the role. The path involves several stages:

Comprehensive Scholarship: Aspirants must undergo extensive education in the teachings of Radamik, studying the empire’s religious texts, history, and laws. This period of scholarly pursuit ensures that only those with a deep understanding and unwavering faith in Radamik can ascend to this esteemed position.

Military Service: Candidates are required to serve a minimum of 20 Earth years in the Radamis Empire's army. During their service, they must demonstrate not only their combat prowess but also their loyalty and dedication to the empire. A critical and gruesome requirement is the killing of at least 20 Marakai, enemies of the Radamis Empire. As proof of their kills, aspirants must return with the upper spinal bone of their victims, which contains a rare mineral unique to the Marakai.

Final Initiation: After completing their education and military service, candidates undergo a final initiation ceremony, where they are bestowed with their masks and officially inducted into the order of the Mazkarians.

The following is a short story new Mazkarians need to read out loud before they are granted their mask. The story is known as The Mask of Devotion and features the story of an aspirant Mazkarian called Valon:

To become Mazkarian
Valon was a young, ambitious soldier in the Radamis Empire, known for his intelligence and unwavering dedication. From an early age, he aspired to become a Mazkarian, inspired by the tales of their wisdom and power. After completing his studies, he enlisted in the army, where he quickly rose through the ranks due to his strategic acumen and fearlessness in battle.

The Trials
During his service, Valon faced numerous challenges, but the most daunting was the requirement to kill 20 Marakai. The Marakai, disgusting and dishonourable abominations of Anarkand, whose values and treacherous behaviour towards our empire can never be understated, are cowardly, but dangerous opponents.
Valon engaged in many battles with these despicable creatures of the west, each time bringing back the upper spinal bone of his fallen enemies as proof of his triumphs. This gruesome task weighed heavily on him, but he remained resolute, driven by his goal to become a Mazkarian.

The Revelation
After 20 years of service and meeting all the requirements, Valon was finally ready for his initiation. The ceremony was held in the grand temple of Radamik, where he was presented with his mask—a beautifully crafted artefact imbued with the essence of the empire’s divine power. As he placed the mask on his face, he felt a profound connection to Radamik and the weight of his new responsibilities.

The Mission
Valon's first mission as a Mazkarian was to negotiate peace between two warring tribes on the outskirts of the empire. His presence, marked by the sacred mask, commanded respect and fear. Through diplomacy and the teachings of Radamik, he successfully brokered a truce, earning the admiration of the tribes and further solidifying the influence of the Radamis Empire.

The Betrayal
Years later, Valon encountered a situation that tested his devotion. A rival faction within the empire sought to undermine the Mazkarians. Valon was captured and tortured, his mask forcibly removed. The act stripped him of his status and immunity, marking him for death. However, Valon's unwavering faith and cunning allowed him to escape his captors.

Knowing he had only ten days before he could be killed on sight, Valon embarked on a perilous journey back to the temple. Despite being hunted, he navigated through treacherous terrain and hostile territories. On the tenth day, just before the deadline, Valon reached the temple and pleaded his case before the high council of Mazkarians.

The Redemption
Moved by his resilience and unwavering faith, the high council reinstated Valon as a Mazkarian, restoring his mask and status. His tale became a legend, a testament to the unbreakable spirit and dedication required to serve as a Mazkarian. Valon continued to spread the teachings of Radamik, his influence growing as he became a symbol of the undying faith and strength of the Radamis Empire.

The Oath
I, as a Mazkarian am more than just a religious elder; I am the living embodiment of the empire’s divine authority and ideological power. I will adhere to the strict codes given unto me by the mask of the Mazkarian. I am devoted and resilient. Through diplomacy, scholarly pursuits, and unwavering faith, I will
continue to shape the spiritual and political landscape of Anarkand, by order of the high council.

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