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Sumerian Warlord

Sumerian Warlord


Current status:


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Sumerian Warlord

soo-me-ree-an warlord


Immured by region




Radamis Empire


12e Alliance

First discovered:

11th era


The Sumerian Warlords, a formidable group of 33 battle-hardened soldiers, are believed to have originated from a distant world, possibly linked to the ancient Sumerians who once visited Earth. Their arrival on Anarkand in the 11th era was unexpected, especially with their claim of originating from a far-off star system sparking intrigue and fear among the inhabitants. These warriors appeared out of nowhere, their presence commanding respect and awe as they moved through the land with an air of unchallenged authority.

The Sumerian Warlords are towering figures, each standing over nine feet tall, with physiques chiseled by years of relentless combat and training. Their eyes, a hauntingly vivid shade of orange, seem to pierce through the soul of anyone who dares to meet their gaze. Clad in ornate armour and carrying weapons forged from a material unknown to Anarkand, the warlords strike no resemblance to anything seen in the region before.

For over 10,000 years, the Sumerian Warlords have never tasted defeat. Their strategic brilliance, combined with unparalleled combat skills, has made them legends in the many storied eras of Sumeria's history. They have fought in countless battles, toppling kingdoms, and quelling rebellions with an efficiency that borders on the supernatural. Despite the passage of millennia, the number of Warlords remains fixed at 33, an eternal testament to their seemingly immortal resilience.

The Epic of the Sumerian Warlords ( from Sumerian folklore )

In the early days of the 11th era, a comet streaked across the night sky, heralding the arrival of the Sumerian Warlords. Emerging from the celestial phenomenon, they descended upon Anarkand, their presence akin to gods walking among mortals. The people of Anarkand, unfamiliar with these celestial beings, could only watch in awe as the Warlords established themselves as the ultimate arbiters of power and justice.

Among the many legends surrounding the Warlords, the tale of the Eternal Blade stands out. It is said that in the dawn of their arrival, the Warlords were entrusted with a sacred mission: to recover the Eternal Blade, a weapon of unimaginable power hidden deep within the heart of Anarkand. This blade was said to grant its wielder control over time itself, a power coveted by many but mastered by none.

The Warlords embarked on a perilous journey across the treacherous landscapes of Anarkand. Their path took them through the haunted forests of Nekata, the blazing deserts of Baraniendemor, and the icy peaks of the Annunakis. Along the way, they faced monstrous beasts, treacherous terrain, and ancient guardians sworn to protect the blade.

As they ventured deeper into the unknown, the Warlords encountered the Trials of Valerion, a series of challenges designed to test their strength, wisdom, and unity. The first trial, the Trial of the Beast, pitted them against a colossal drah'La'Mun, its scales impervious to conventional weapons. Utilizing their strategic prowess and mystical weapons, the Warlords vanquished the beast, claiming its heart as a trophy.

The second trial, the Trial of the Mind, thrust them into a labyrinth of illusions, each corridor a manifestation of their deepest fears and regrets. Only by relying on their unbreakable bond and shared purpose did they navigate the maze, emerging stronger and more resolute.

The final trial, the Trial of the Essence of Sumeria, required the Warlords to confront the ghosts of their pasts, the specters of those they had vanquished in their long history of conquest. In a poignant moment of introspection, they acknowledged the burdens of their immortality, vowing to use their power not for domination, but for the greater good of Sumeria.

At the culmination of their quest, the Warlords arrived at the Temple of Eternity, where the Eternal Blade awaited. In a climactic battle against the temple’s ancient guardian, Uruk, the first of the 33, seized the blade, its power coursing through him and into the Warlords. With this newfound power, they transcended their mortal limitations, becoming true immortals bound by an oath to protect Sumeria from any threat.

Returning to the region as its eternal sentinels, the Warlords established the Great Library of Sumeria, a repository of all knowledge and history. Here, they recorded their journeys, victories, and the wisdom they had gained, ensuring that future generations would learn from their legacy.

To this day, the Sumerian Warlords remain vigilant, their eyes ever watchful for threats to Sumeria. As guardians of the Great Library and bearers of the Eternal Blade, they continue to inspire generations of Sumerians to face the world around them with fire in their belly, and passion in their heart.

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