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First discovered:

7th era


In the country of Mizumo to the east of Anarkand, exists a race known as the Mishakari. They thrive within the embrace of a bioluminescent mist. This mist, shimmering with ethereal light, is the very essence of their existence. It sustains their life force, interacts with their essence, and grants them prolonged life. Without it, the Mishakari age at an accelerated pace, leading to premature death. This mist, called the Lumin, is both their greatest treasure and their most contested resource.

Legends among the Mishakari speak of the time before the Lumin, when Mizumo was a barren land, devoid of life. The first Mishakari, guided by visions, ventured into the heart of the desolation and discovered a hidden spring. From this spring, the Lumin emerged, spreading its bioluminescent mist across the land. The Mishakari believe that the Lumin is a gift from their gods, a divine source of life meant exclusively for them.

However, the Mishakari were not alone in their discovery. The Kaleena, another native race of Mizumo, also found sustenance in the Lumin. The Kaleena are a formidable species, their bodies adapted to the harsh environment, capable of surviving without the mist for longer periods but still dependent on it for extended life and vitality.

From the moment both races laid claim to the Lumin, conflict was inevitable. The bioluminescent mist, vital to both races, became the focal point of an unending war. The battles for control over the mist were fierce and brutal, with each side determined to secure their survival.

The first major confrontation between the Mishakari and the Kaleena is etched in history as the Battle of the Lumin Springs. The Mishakari, led by their great chieftain, Kaalik, fortified their position around the sacred springs where the mist was most concentrated. The Kaleena, under the command of the warlord Drayk, launched a relentless assault.

For days, the land trembled with the clash of weapons and the cries of the fallen. The Lumin Springs, once a place of tranquility, were stained with the blood of both races. Despite their determination, the Mishakari were overwhelmed by the sheer ferocity of the Kaleena and were forced to retreat, losing control of the springs.

The Era of Shattered Peace
In the years following the Battle of the Lumin Springs, the Mishakari and Kaleena settled into a tenuous truce, each side wary of the other. The Mishakari retreated deeper into the mist-covered regions of Mizumo, establishing hidden enclaves where the Lumin flowed abundantly. They developed advanced techniques to harness and protect the mist, creating barriers and traps to deter Kaleena incursions.

The Kaleena, meanwhile, consolidated their hold on the Lumin Springs, exploiting the mist to strengthen their warriors and prolong their lives. However, the truce was fragile, with skirmishes and raids occurring frequently along the borders.

The Rise of the Illuminatra
Amid the chaos, a faction within the Mishakari emerged, dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Lumin. These warriors, known as the Illuminatra, were trained from birth to master the art of mist manipulation. They could harness the bioluminescent energy to heal, defend, and even attack.

The most legendary of these Illuminatra was LuMaelis, a warrior-priestess whose connection to the Lumin was unparalleled. Under her leadership, the Mishakari launched a series of daring raids against the Kaleena, reclaiming lost territories and vital sources of the mist. LuMaelis’s tactics were both cunning and ruthless, exploiting the Kaleena’s weaknesses and rallying the Mishakari to newfound unity.

The Great Siege of The Illumina Citadel
The turning point in the war came with the Great Siege of The Illumina Citadel. This ancient stronghold, located at the heart of the largest Lumin reservoir, was the key to control over the entire region. The Kaleena, having fortified the citadel, believed it impregnable. However, LuMaelis devised a plan to infiltrate and reclaim it.

Under the cover of a dense nightly fog, the Illuminatra launched a surprise attack, using their mist manipulation abilities to disorient and overwhelm the Kaleena defenders. The battle was fierce, with both sides suffering heavy casualties. LuMaelis herself led the final charge, her presence inspiring the Mishakari to fight with unmatched ferocity.

In a climactic showdown, LuMaelis faced Drayk in single combat. The duel was a testament to their respective skills and determination, but in the end, LuMaelis emerged victorious. With the fall of Drayk, the Kaleena forces were routed, and the Mishakari reclaimed Illumina Citadel.

The Aftermath and the Eternal Struggle
The victory at Illumina Citadel was a significant triumph for the Mishakari, solidifying their control over the most vital sources of the Lumin. However, the conflict with the Kaleena was far from over. The war had become an eternal struggle, with both races locked in a cycle of retaliation and vengeance.

Despite their victories, the Mishakari remained vigilant, ever aware of the Kaleena’s determination to reclaim the mist. The Illuminatra continued to protect their people, their skills and dedication ensuring that the bioluminescent mist remained in Mishakari hands.

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