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Current status:


Intelligence grade:



30 Earth years










Various hunters


Datuvar people

First discovered:

2nd era


Drah'La'Mun are a dragon-like creature, distantly related to the Drah'min of Baraniendemor. They are considered protectors of the land they inhabit, Datuva. The local people worship the Drah'La'Mun and are very protective of them, seeing them more akin to gods than anything else.

Datuvar inhabitants bring offerings of food on a monthly basis to the Drah'La'Mun and in exchange the Drah'La'Mun protect them from outside sources, adverse weather conditions and other threats.

The Drah'La'Mun are similar to their cousins, the Drah'min. They have a robust skeletal structure just like them, but lack the ability to shift between a fluid flesh-like state and a solid state. Like their cousins, they have a large head, long neck, broad shoulders, thick legs, strong tail, and very large wings.

The bone structure is very strong and designed for speed and agility, perfect for hunting prey. Their shoulder bones are similarly strong to the Drah'min which of course is required to handle the large wing muscles required to fly.

The Drah'La'Mun have a large blue beacon atop their head. This is used for navigational purposes, sharing of essence, and reproduction.

Drah'La'Mun are flexible in sourcing mates. They are not ritualistic, nor do they have any pre-requisites. Like many of the inhabitants of Anarkand, they function in a binary system of male and female. The mating cycle of the Drah'La'Mun can take place annually. The female of the species will produce 2-3 eggs, although essence isn't guaranteed to transfer from male to female properly due to various factors.

The eggs of the Drah'La'Mun will be protected by both the male and the female until they hatch. Once this occurs, the male will leave permanently, and the female will care for the young. The hatching process can take up to 5 Earth months after incubation.

Drah'La'Mun are native to Datuva to the east of Anarkand. They have been known to leave the region to explore, but predominantly they stay within the area. Drah'La'Mun are slightly reclusive but they can often be found in the skies above towns, villages and major cities of Datuva.

Drah'La'Mun have short life cycles. They live approximately 30 Earth years. They can and do grow as large as 20 feet tall and as long as 100 feet in length. Like their cousins, they tend to grow quickly during the early stages of life ( first 4 years ) and maintain a steady growth for the remainder of their lives. They don't have groups, families, or societies as such, but they do live in harmony with one another.

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