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Nekata Forest Guardians

Nekata Forest Guardians


Current status:


Intelligence grade:



20 Earth years


Nekata Forest




Nekata Forest Guardians

neck-ah-ta forest guardian








12e Alliance

First discovered:

4th era


*Affectionately known by Lifa Nekatans as the eternal flames of the forest.

In the beliefs of the Ashari Tribe, in the early days of Anarkand's creation, sometime during the 1st era, the world was a place of untamed wilderness and raw elemental forces. From the heart of these ancient forests emerged the Nekata Guardians, fire-like humanoids with a single purpose: to protect the forest from any harm. Legend tells that these guardians were born from the very flames of of a dying sun in a far distant star system.

The Nekata Forest Guardians, numbering exactly 1,000, were each endowed with a flickering, fiery essence that coursed through their veins, granting them both immense power and an eternal life, so long as they were not killed. Their bodies radiated warmth and light, their eyes glowed with the intensity of embers, and their very presence could ward off darkness and malevolence.

The primary duty of the Nekata Guardians was to safeguard the forests against any threat. Whether it was a marauding beast, a forest fire, or encroaching inhabitants, the Guardians stood vigilant. They possessed incredible strength, agility, and the ability to manipulate fire, which they used to deter and destroy any forces that sought to harm the woodlands.

The Guardians communicated with the flora and fauna, understanding the whispers of the leaves and the songs of the birds. They were revered by those who respected nature and feared by those who sought to exploit it.

As the eras passed, the world of Anarkand changed. Civilizations expanded, and with their growth came deforestation, pollution, and war. The Nekata Guardians faced increasing challenges as they tried to defend the forests from ever-growing threats. One by one, the Guardians fell in battles against overwhelming odds. The once-impenetrable forests were slowly under severe threat.

By the dawn of the current era ( 12 e ), less than 20 Nekata Forest Guardians remain. Each loss was a heavy blow, for the Guardians could not reproduce; their numbers dwindled with every death, and the light of their kind grew dimmer with each passing era.

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