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Echydna Deathspring




ee-kid-nah deth-spring

Current status:


Intelligence grade:



50 Earth years




Very Low






Echydna / Carrier Echydna



First discovered:

9th era


The Echydna Deathspring is simply evil at its core. Birthed by Carrier Echydna from less than wholesome essence, the Deathspring is despised across the land. Deathspring are the worst kind of Echydna. A team of researchers from Andromania came to the conclusion that essence donated by an Echydna that has the darkest of souls, or has lived a life of destruction, will contribute to the birthing of a carrier being tainted.

This tainted specimen was given the name Deathspring for the simple fact that its entire existence seems to stem around the annihilation of its own species. Deathspring kill only to eat, however, when it comes to all other Echydna, they will kill indiscriminately. Andromanian researchers agree that this form of Echydna seems to perform some form of karmic duty to its species.

Deathsprings don't reveal their true selves until past the formative years. This has led to Carrier Echydna spending more and more time with their offspring so as to rid the world of these predatory beasts before they fully form into the killing machines they are destined to become.

When standing upright, Echydna Deathspring are bipedal in form, though, they do have the ability to hunch down and utilise their strong legs for sprinting, evading hostility, or to catch prey and enemies. They have a skeletal, slime-like appearance and are usually coloured in muted shades of green or blue. They feature segmented, blade-tipped shoulders and head spikes. The sharp tip is small, however it is capable of puncturing through the toughest of skin.

Echydna Deathspring have heavily elongated skulls with small but powerful eyes on the face. Males and females are differentiated by the colour of their eyes. Male Echydna have light green eyes, but the female of the species, have dark black eyes with a slight grey underlining. Deathsprings have the same male characteristics when it comes to their eyes, however, when they reach adolescence, they develop more of a red tinge.

Echydna Deathspring are incapable of reproduction. They lack the ability to share, release, or divulge essence. They can thrive and survive in any environment, with the only exception being in water. They lack the capability to swim in water let alone breathe in it. They are native to Sanvi only.

The Echydna Deathspring life cycle is a complex process comprising several distinct stages. It begins as an egg, laid by a carrier Echydna, which hatches a parasitic larval-like form. It will remain in this form for around 6-12 Earth hours before shedding its skin as it grows. Until it does, the Echydna is extremely vulnerable to attacks. Deathspring develop in the same way, but when reaching adolescence, there are more distinct changes in physiology, strength, and eye colour.

Echydna Deathspring operate solo. They do not engage socially and don't form any meaningful relationships. Found only in Sanvi, they are are actively hunted and targeted by other Echydna and Kiros who live in the area.

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