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Union of Kabal














First discovered:

12th era


In the sprawling landscapes of southeastern Anarkand, a crow-like bird known as the Lazuli once soared freely, their sleek forms and keen eyesight making them adept hunters and scavengers. However, the course of their existence took a dramatic turn with the emergence of an anomaly in the Red Hex, the world's mysterious power source, during the 6th era.

Impact of the Anomaly:
The anomaly in the Red Hex had far-reaching consequences, affecting not only the Lazuli but also other small birds and creatures in the region. Many theories emerged to explain the anomaly, ranging from suggestions of an essence grab to speculations of an unseen attack from an outside source. Regardless of its cause, the anomaly resulted in a catastrophic event that altered the fate of the Lazuli forever.

Teleportation to The Nexus:
As the anomaly struck, the Lazuli and other affected creatures found themselves inexplicably teleported to the hex region above The Nexus, a perilous and hellish environment fraught with danger and uncertainty. Usually what enters The Nexus, remains there for eternity. Of the countless trillions of living beings that have entered The Nexus, there have been very few who have found a way to leave.

Discovery in Kabal:
In the 12th era, a strange phenomenon occurred over the skies of central Kabal, within The Union of Kabal. The tear in the Red Hex above this region began to glow, opening what appeared to be a portal of sorts. Lasting less than 30 seconds, this portal allowed several Lazuli and other smaller creatures to "fall through" into Kabal.

Utilization as Spies:
Upon their arrival in Kabal, the Lazuli were discovered and brought before the Father of Kabal. After much deliberation and consideration of their unique abilities, it was ordained that these Lazuli would be trained as spies for the country, utilized in recon and surveillance missions to gather intelligence and monitor potential threats.

Training and Integration:
Under the watchful eye of skilled trainers and handlers, the Lazuli underwent rigorous training to hone their natural instincts and abilities for espionage. Their keen senses and aerial agility made them ideal candidates for reconnaissance missions, and so they were fitted with special recon tech allowing them to gather vital information from vantage points inaccessible to conventional spies.

Today, the Lazuli serve as invaluable assets to The Union of Kabal, their loyalty and cunning making them formidable operatives in the ongoing struggle for power and influence within Anarkand. Yet, amidst their newfound role as spies, the Lazuli remain creatures of the wild, their hearts yearning for the freedom of the open skies even as they carry out their duties in service to their newfound homeland.

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