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Ashoqa Tribal

Ashoqa Tribal


Current status:


Intelligence grade:



50-70 Earth years


Lifa Nekata




Ashoqa Tribal







Ashari Tribes



First discovered:

8th era


The Ashoqa once inhabited the rugged expanse of Northern Pescara and did so for countless generations, forging a deep connection to the land and its untamed beauty. They now find themselves cast aside from the region and now inhabit regions in and around Lifa Nekata. The Ashoqa have a culture steeped in tradition, shaped by the harsh realities of their unforgiving environment and the enduring bonds forged during The Great Expulsion.

Physically imposing and resilient, the Ashoqa are well-adapted to the challenges of their new homeland, Lifa Nekata. Their muscular frames and sturdy limbs are honed through generations of survival in the rugged wilderness of Northern Pescara, where strength and endurance are paramount for thriving amidst the harsh elements.

The Ashoqa, like their rivals The Ashari, are governed by a council of elders, revered for their wisdom and experience in navigating the complexities of tribal life. Their society is steeped in tradition, with rituals, ceremonies, and oral histories playing a central role in shaping the collective identity of their people. They take great pride in their ability to adapt and thrive amidst adversity.

For generations, the Ashoqa have been locked in bitter conflict with their rivals, the Ashari tribe, over control of the Northern Pescara territory. The land, rich in resources and strategic significance, has been the source of countless skirmishes and territorial disputes between the two tribes, each vying for dominance and supremacy amidst the rugged wilderness.

Driven by ancient feuds and territorial ambitions, these conflicts have left scars on both sides, shaping the collective memory and identity of the Ashoqa people. They have endured hardship and sacrifice in their quest to defend their homeland and assert their rightful claim to the lands they have called home for generations.

In a devastating conflict that would come to be known as the Great Expulsion, the Ashoqa suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of their Ashari rivals, forced to flee their ancestral lands and seek refuge in distant territories far from the reach of their conquerors. The aftermath of this conflict marked a dark chapter in Ashoqa history, as they grappled with the loss of their homeland and the uncertainty of their future.

Despite their defeat, the Ashoqa remain determined to reclaim what was taken from them. They carry with them the memory of their homeland, a beacon of hope that fuels their determination to one day return and reclaim their rightful place among the rugged landscapes of Northern Pescara.

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