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Current status:


Intelligence grade:



25 Earth years
















First discovered:

5th era


The Turok are a serene and gentle race names after a distant planet known as Turok. These beings can be found all over Anarkand but their greatest populations are native to Tyrrius. Their homes usually revolve around a basic requirement of lush landscapes, abundant fauna, high trees, and gentle rolling hills.

Standing at roughly four feet tall, the Turok are covered in soft, velvety fur that varies in shades from deep midnight blue to soft, moonlit silver, enabling them to blend seamlessly into their nocturnal habitat. Their small, expressive eyes are adapted to see clearly in the dark, reflecting light in a way that gives them an almost mystical glow, however their vision isn't as good on the periphery. They have broad, flat claws designed more for foraging through thick foliage and soil than for defence, though these claws have become prized for their unique properties in certain cultures.

As herbivores, the Turok sustain themselves on the abundant vegetation of Tyrrius, particularly favouring the sweet, succulent leaves of the luminescent mushrooms that thrive in the region. Their nocturnal nature has led to a highly developed sense of hearing and smell, which helps them navigate the dark forests and avoid predators.

Timid by nature, the Turok are gentle creatures that communicate through a series of soft, melodic sounds, creating a symphony of whispers and hums in the night. They live in small, tight-knit communities that are deeply interconnected, often forming lifelong bonds with their kin and neighbours. Their societies are matriarchal, with elder females leading and making decisions for the group.

Despite their peaceful existence, the Turok have faced grave threats from external forces. Their soft fur and tender meat have made them targets for hunters and poachers from across Anarkand. The large, flat claws of the Turok are also highly sought after, believed to possess unique properties that make them valuable in various industries, from crafting tools to decorative items.

In recent times, the situation has worsened as evil and rapacious conglomerates have taken to farming the Turok to meet the insatiable global demand for their fur, meat, and claws. These farms are often harsh, inhumane places where the Turok are kept in cramped conditions, stripped of their natural, nocturnal lifestyle, and harvested in cruel, industrial processes.

However, not all is lost for the Turok. Various conservation groups and sympathetic factions within Tyrrius and beyond have rallied to their cause. These groups work tirelessly to protect the Turok, advocating for stricter laws against hunting and farming, and establishing sanctuaries where the Turok can live freely and safely.

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