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Current status:


Intelligence grade:



90 Earth years




Medial population









All non-Echydna



First discovered:

7th era


The Echydna, a nasty, horrible, disgusting, predatory race. Unlike many of the other Anarkian inhabitants, the Echydna are not sapient toolmakers — they lack a technological mind, and a technological society. Instead, the primary focus of the Echydna is the preservation and propagation of their own species by any means necessary, up to and including the elimination of other lifeforms that may pose a threat to their existence.

Pescarans who live to the north of Sanvi despise the creatures, and actively target them if they attempt to cross the border into northern Pescara. They are seen as a threat to wildlife and other inhabitants Any conservation methods taken by the Marakai or the Pescarans has failed and it is proving to be an uphill battle to keep them contained.

When standing upright, the Echydna are bipedal in form, though, they do have the ability to hunch down and utilise their strong legs for sprinting, evading hostility, or to catch prey and enemies. They have a skeletal, slime-like appearance and are usually coloured in muted shades of green or blue. They feature segmented, blade-tipped shoulders and head spikes. The sharp tip is small, however it is capable of puncturing through the toughest of skin.

Echydna have slightly elongated skulls with eyes prominent on the face. Males and females are differentiated by the colour of their eyes. male Echydna have light green eyes, but the female of the species, as in the photo above, have dark black eyes with a slight grey underlining.

The Echydna have both male and female, but they also have something else, something that a lot of other Anarkian inhabitants don't, Carrier Echydna, Both males and females can release essence inside a carrier Echydna. The carriers sole purpose and role within the species is to birth new Echydna.

When a male releases essence into the carrier, it will produce a male egg. The opposite is true should a female release essence. This luxury allows them to keep control of the male and female populations. Carrier Echydna can produce around 1,000 eggs per Earth year, sharing a little essence of their own during each eggs formation. ( see Carrier Echydna for more. )

Echydna can thrive and survive in any environment, with the only exception being in water. They lack the capability to swim in water let alone breathe in it. This is currently a blessing to the rest of Anarkand, due to the fact that the Echydna are native to Sanvi only, a country that is mostly surrounded by water. Only northern Pescara shares land with Sanvi, but there are efforts in place to prevent the Echydna from spreading into their lands.

The Echydna life cycle is a complex process comprising several distinct stages. It begins as an egg, laid by a carrier Echydna, which hatches a parasitic larval-like form. It will remain in this form for around 6-12 Earth hours before shedding its skin as it grows. Until it does, the Echydna is extremely vulnerable to attacks.

Echydna operate under a strong protective system. Although they don't have a queen, or operate under any caste system, they still specialise in certain areas within the species. The survival of the Echydna as a whole is placed above oneself at all times. The continuation of their species is absolutely paramount to them.

Echydna feed, warm, protect, and ensure the needs of a carrier Echydna are taken care of. This is because only a carrier can lay eggs. Echydna usually operate in large groups. This allows them to survive and thrive in the regions they occupy. They are often viewed as a scourge on Sanvi and are actively hunted and targeted by the Kiros who live in the area.

At the moment they can only be found in Sanvi, although it is apparent that they are looking to spread further afield. They are viewed as a scourge on Sanvi and are actively hunted and targeted by the Kiros who live in the area.

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