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Credits and Acknowledgements

Website music tracks:

MawsMash - Institute Labs

Monst3r - The Abandoned

Stephen Purdon - Universal traversal

Stephen Purdon - From the heart to the mind

Stephen Purdon - It was a pleasure to have met you

Stephen Purdon - Hades Hero Loki Ontarian

Stephen Purdon - Deep State mind

Card Elemental Designs:

Card Designs:

Stephen Purdon

Website Images:

Zodiac images by on Freepik

All-seeing eye on Anarkand Trading Card Database by macrovector_official on Freepik

Lunaris Role-playing Game

Character background placeholders by macrovector_official on Freepik

TTRPG artwork:

Kellerman Aftermath - Paula Kelly

The Art of Anarkand : Collector's Artbook:

Kellerman Aftermath - Paula Kelly


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