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Madre Anarka

Madre Anarka


Current status:


Intelligence grade:



90 Earth years






Madre Anarka

ma-dray ah-nar-kah








Temple of Anark

First discovered:

12th era


Within the Protected Lands of Sagozia ( known also as Sargozia ), resides a precious and enchanting species known as the Madre Anarka. These gorgeous creatures, standing at a mere three feet tall, are beloved inhabitants of the world ever since they were first discovered in the 12th era by an exploration team from Tara. Their gentle nature and captivating appearance endeared them immediately to the explorers and to all who have encountered them since.

The Madre Anarka resemble a delightful fusion of bug-like features and humanoid traits. Their petite stature is complemented by luminous wings that shimmer with ethereal light, casting a soft glow upon their surroundings. Luminous blue eyes, filled with warmth and curiosity, peer out from beneath delicate eyelashes, reflecting the purity of their souls.

Two large antennae adorn the heads of the Madre Anarka, serving as both sensory organs and communication devices. These antennae twitch and quiver in response to subtle changes in their environment, allowing the Madre Anarka to navigate their surroundings with ease and grace.

Despite their appearance, the Madre Anarka are a peaceful and non-hostile species, harbouring no aggression or malice towards others. They dwell harmoniously within the Protected Lands of Sagozia. Their gentle demeanour and caring nature make them beloved caretakers of the land, tending to the needs of the flora and fauna that call Sagozia home.

Endangered Status and Protection:
Despite their widespread presence within the Protected Lands of Sagozia, the Madre Anarka face a grave threat to their continued existence. Due to factors such as habitat loss, environmental degradation, and poaching, their numbers have dwindled to dangerously low levels, placing them on the endangered list of The Temple of Anark.

The Temple of Anark, a council responsible for determining the international rules and regulations of Anarkand, has taken decisive action to protect the Madre Anarka and ensure their survival for generations to come. Conservation efforts have been implemented to safeguard their habitats, restrict access to sensitive areas, and enforce strict penalties for those who would seek to harm or exploit these precious creatures.

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