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Disciples of Radamik




duh-sai-plz of ra-dah-mick

Current status:


Intelligence grade:



70 Earth years


Sujira Island










Radamis Empire

First discovered:

1st era


The disciples are a group of Anarkian warriors who have taken it upon themselves to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors, and follow the path of their world's Emperor, Radamik. The disciples bring death and destruction to anyone who dare oppose the emperor and his mandates.

The disciples were disbanded over 1200 years ago by a Marakai-led army of multiple Anarkian races. The battle raged on for over two decades with the Marakai emerging victorious. The war, according to the stories passed down by generations of Marakai elders, was something that could not be avoided. They tell of the disciples exerting power and control over the weaker races, and extorting them for all that they owned, and of anything they held dear.

The elders wrote that the instructions left behind by the Emperor, were not as the disciples had claimed. The emperor demanded peace on his realm; he demanded unity. The elders tell an epic tale of heroism, where the Marakai joined forces with other races to put an end to the disciples and their oligarchal rule.

For many years, the disciples, or at least the few that remained, would live nomadic lives, however, it appears that in the last few years, the disciples have made a comeback, and their numbers grow daily.


The Disciples of Radamik are the emperor's own guard. They first surfaced in the beginning of the first era as a means by the emperor to protect his empress. The disciples are strong, hardy, and intelligent. they are committed to the empire of Radamis and to the preservation of Emperor Radamik's teachings.

Their strength is natural. They are more human-like in appearance than Anarkian. It is claimed that all armour worn by the disciples is enchanted with the essence of the emperor himself. This is unverified. The dual-horned helmet worn by the disciples is modelled after the emperors and makes them look more ferocious and appear more fearsome.

Genetics & Reproduction

A disciples lifespan ranges from between 60-70 earth years. Their height ranges from between 7'0" and 7'10". Disciple reproduction is sexual reproduction that results in fertilization to produce a Radamian offspring. It typically involves sexual intercourse between a sexually mature Radamian male and female. The development process is known as Radamian embryogenesis, and this starts the typical 10-month gestation period that is followed by childbirth.

Disciples are genetically stronger than modern-day Radamians. This is believed to be down to the fact that they were created by the emperor himself as a means of protecting his empress as well as his chosen empire, Radamis.

Habitats & Ecology

The disciples can thrive and survive in most regions of Anarkand, however they aren't found in many areas of the world other than in Radamis and Sujira Island, due to their defeat by the Marakai and their allies in the battle of Murdu ( 11th era )

For many years, the disciples, or at least the few that remained after the Marakai-led battle of Murdu, would live nomadic lives, however, it appears that in the last few years, the disciples have made a comeback, and their numbers grow daily around the world. It is clear to the rest of Anarkand that the disciples had simply been laying low, building another army, using Sujira Island as a base.

Growth rate & stages

Radamians develop much like humans do. they have a birthing stage, infancy, adolescence, and then adulthood. Development stages vary between the species, some may spend longer in adolescence than others before progressing into adulthood.

Social structure

The disciples are devout. They live for the empire and will happily give their essence for the empire. They tend not to socialise with other inhabitants of the world other than to trade, recharge their batteries or navigate the lands safely. They are committed to each other and leave no Radamian behind. They are extremely hostile to the Maraki and their allies, and are determined to avenge their fallen comrades.

Geographic origin & distribution

Disciples of Radamik can be found across the world, however they tend to live separately from civilisation. Most disciples are stationed in Sujira Island, fulfilling their duty of protecting the empress.

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