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Deh'Run Alpha

Deh'Run Alpha


Current status:


Intelligence grade:



120 Earth years






Deh'Run Alpha

day-roon alpha









First discovered:

2nd era era



Alphas are usually a foot to a foot and a half taller than regular Deh'Run. They are often stronger, more intelligent, and more in tune with the world around them. Deh'Run Alphas usually adopt positions of power within Datuvan government,


The Deh'Run are native to Datuva, and live in harmony with the world around them. One of the unique properties of the Deh'Run is their anatomical structure. Everything in the Datuva region is tied with one another. If the Deh'Run cease to be, then so too does the flora of the land. This is also the case in reverse.

The flora around Datuva provides the Datuvan people with the cleanest air possible, removing all contaminants, pollutants, and other dangerous abnormalities. In turn, the Datuvan people, of which the Deh'Run are a part, provide the flora, trees, and other shrubbery with the necessary food and water to thrive.

One example of the incredible synergy between the regions nature and inhabitants appears in death itself. The Deh'Run, upon death, will deliver their deceased deep into the Datuvan jungle, placing the body inside a small feeding chamber that they built several eras ago. This chamber allows the jungle to feed and provides incredible sustenance all throughout the root system.

The Deh'Run are the most highly advanced of all the life living in Datuva. They have built their own societal structures that ensure prosperity to their people. They have managed to avoid conflict with the rest of the world through strong diplomatic ties to the Temple of Anark, which is the worlds attempt at a governing / peacekeeping body.

The Deh'Run are keen observers of the 12e Alliance and the Radamis Empire, favouring neither, but fearing the power that both have garnered through the recent Anarkian eras.

They are happy to welcome other people into their country on the proviso that they bring no trouble or threat to their door. Anyone who does attempt to bring anything other than peaceful visitation will be sure to come into contact with the formidable defence of the Datuvans, which include the ferocious dragon-like being known as the Drah'La'Mun, who are considered to be the greatest protectors of the land they inhabit.

The Deh'Run, along with many other sapient and sentient beings of Datuva, worship the Drah'La'Mun and are very protective of them, seeing them more akin to gods than anything else. They are known to bring offerings of food to the Drah'La'Mun, much in the way they do with the flora of the land. This affords them the luxury of protection from outside sources, adverse weather conditions and other threats.

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