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dark sigil of anarkand

The Anarkian Brotherhood

Image by Matt Benson

There are no gods, only she.

  The goddess came to them, to our ancestors, centuries ago. She told them about the creation of all things. She told them about the many worlds that harboured life, and she told them about Anarkand.
  Ancient writings and traditions all over the world tell us of  intelligent and powerful beings that came from the sky above, to the world below. They describe their ships as dragons, gods, and angels. They had no grasp on what they were witnessing, nor any idea of the technology used by our creators, until she arrived.
  Her name is Sujira. From the heavens she came in a vehicle of immense light. She held the power of fire in her hands, and she had a message for all of us.

Image by Jack Cohen

Give your soul to Sujira

With fire on Earth,
She returns to us.
With fire in her hands,
She guides us.

Anarkian Candle
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