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Current status:


Intelligence grade:



70 Earth years













Radamis Empire


12e Alliance

First discovered:

4th era


The Toki are a race hailing from Jaccaria, a region to the west of Anarkand. Their existence was only brought to light within the 12th era, largely due to their reclusive nature and preference for residing in hard-to-reach underground valleys and areas surrounding powerful waterways. This hidden lifestyle has kept their numbers and societal structures a mystery to the outside world.

Toki males are distinguished by their robust physiques, adapted for life in challenging subterranean environments. They possess thick, durable skin capable of withstanding the rough terrains and powerful currents that characterize their habitats. Their eyesight is well-suited for low-light conditions, and they have developed a heightened sense of hearing to navigate and communicate in the dark.

Culturally, the Toki have a deep reverence for their underground world. They believe in living harmoniously with the natural elements, particularly the waterways that sustain their society. The Toki males are primarily responsible for the protection and maintenance of their subterranean homes, often engaging in tasks such as fortifying tunnels, managing water resources, and ensuring the safety of their communities.

The emergence of the Toki into the broader western continent of Anarkand occurred due to a tragic, yet heinous act involving their envoy. The Toki had begun tentative outreach efforts, seeking to establish diplomatic relations and trade agreements with neighbouring regions. Unfortunately, a recent envoy of the Toki people was ambushed and assassinated by Radamis Mazkarian Guards. This unprovoked attack prompted the Toki to seek alliances for protection and support.

In response to the assassination, the Toki formed an agreement with the 12e Alliance. This alliance was pivotal, marking the first significant political move by the Toki on the global stage. The 12e Alliance, recognizing the strategic importance and unique knowledge of the Toki, welcomed them into their fold, offering protection and mutual support.

Toki Males:
Toki males play crucial roles within their society, particularly in governance, defence, and resource management:

Governance: The Toki males are deeply involved in the decision-making processes of their communities. They hold positions of leadership and work to maintain the delicate balance between their subterranean lifestyle and the demands of the newly explored surface world.

Defence: As natural guardians of their territory, Toki males are trained in combat and survival techniques suitable for their environment. Their robust physiques and strategic minds make them formidable protectors against any threats.

Resource Management: With their intimate knowledge of the underground and water systems, Toki males are responsible for managing the community’s resources. This includes ensuring a sustainable supply of food, water, and materials necessary for their way of life.

Toki Females:
Toki females are integral to their society, with responsibilities that span various essential functions:

Healing and Medicine: Toki females are the primary healers within their communities. They possess extensive knowledge of subterranean herbs, fungi, and minerals that have medicinal properties. Their healing practices are a blend of traditional remedies and advanced techniques passed down through generations.

Education and Knowledge: Toki females are the keepers of knowledge and tradition. They educate the young, passing on vital skills and cultural practices. Their role as educators ensures the continuity of Toki heritage and wisdom.

Resource Gathering: While Toki males manage the broader aspects of resource management, Toki females are the gatherers and processors. They expertly navigate the underground and aquatic landscapes to collect food, materials, and medicinal plants, ensuring their community's sustenance.

Environmental Guardianship: Toki females play a crucial role in maintaining the delicate balance of their ecosystem. They monitor environmental conditions, manage waste, and implement conservation practices to preserve their subterranean and aquatic habitats.

The Incident and Its Aftermath
The assassination of the Toki envoy by Radamis Mazkarian Guards was a significant turning point. It highlighted the vulnerabilities the Toki faced when interacting with the outside world. This incident not only brought the Toki into the 12e Alliance but also spurred internal changes within their society.

The Toki began to adopt more rigorous security measures for their envoys and diplomatic missions. They also started to engage more actively in regional politics, advocating for the protection of their people and their way of life. The alliance provided them with a platform to voice their concerns and gain the support needed to safeguard their interests.

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