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First discovered:

6th era


The Axion were first discovered in the 6th era of Anarkand. Their origins are steeped in Koballah history. It is believed sometime around the 5th era, the Koballah began experimenting on hapless inhabitants from the Sanvi region due to its coastal geography away from the main Anarkian sectors. Whilst they are docile when dealing with inhabitants smarter or larger than them, they have been known to attack outsiders if hungry.

The Axion share many similarities with other inhabitants of the Sanvi region, such as the Echydna and Kiros. Whilst not as aggressive as the Echydna, nor as tall as the Kiros, they do have an intelligence that is within the medial range for this world. The average lifespan of Axion is a lot lower than other Sanvi inhabitants, with a life expectancy in the region of around 30 Earth years.

At most, the Axion will grow in adulthood to around 5 foot tall. Their genetics are a little convoluted, as the general belief of the world is that the Koballah spliced DNA of several inhabitants in the Sanvi region. Their anatomy is such that they can hunt for prey in both light and dark with relative ease. This is mainly due to their fluctuating vision, environmental receptors, and incredible speed for a bipedal species. The Axion can run about to 20 emph ( Earth miles per hour )

Axion will only usually be found in the Sanvi region of Anarkand. They prefer this habitat as it suits their predatory abilities. They are excellent swimmers and can hold their breath underwater for up to 10 minutes, thus allowing them to hunt in the Anima ocean. Very few Axion try to cross the border into Northern Pescara, because as they do, they immediately find themselves going from predator to prey themselves.

The Axion breed within the first ten years of life. With a low lifespan it is imperative that they do. As with most other creatures and inhabitants of Anarkand, new Axion are birthed, however they can only be birthed in water. Any Axion born outside of water will perish within minutes due to asphyxiation. Quite why this is the case is unknown, but it is assumed that their mixed genetics cause this strange anomaly.

Axion do not have a binary, they are a unary, and as such do not require a mate to breed. Their method of pregnancy involves the ingesting of pod. These pods grow and develop on the back of Axion heads and illuminate when they are ready to be ingested.

Axion are a very social group. They have distinct hierarchies and operate with a family unit. They do not perceive each other as enemies when encountering other families, instead, they are emotive, respectful, and inquisitive. A rule that the Axion seem to have adopted, is to keep their family numbers on the low side. The Axion hierarchy is related to fertility prowess. The more Axion pods growing from the back of ones head, the greater the respect that Axion can command.

Axion remain regionally within Sanvi. They are content with their surroundings and have no desire to explore, or learn about the outside world. Other than the occasional foray into Northern Pescara by the more inquisitive of the species, you will only find Axion in Sanvi.

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