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Kahn Exiled




can rex-isled

Current status:


Intelligence grade:



90 Earth years










12e Alliance


Radamis Empire

First discovered:

6th era



Kahns who show a lack of respect for the tradition of of their kind, or who break any of the laws of the Kahn empire will be dealt with publicly, and swiftly. They will be dragged before the village elder and in a short ceremony, will be castrated if male, or stabbed in the stomach if female.

The Kahn will then have the mark of do'ra'shay branded on their face by the elder using a hot blade. This mark signifies the Kahn empire turning its back on the individual for the remainder of its life. The do'ra'shay mark signifies the story of tumakahr do'ra'shay, a Kahn who made a deal with, and then aided the enemies of his own kind by sharing detailed maps and defensive positions of his own people.

His deception and traitorous actions led to the deaths of 20,000 Kahns and a huge loss to the old Kahn kingdom. When victory was secured and the Kahns retreated, do'ra'shay's new friends turned on him. It is said that a messenger delivered a package to the Kahns in the middle of the night, just weeks after the battle. This messenger claimed to be from Radamis, and asked the Kahns to accept a gift from the emperor.
Just as quickly as he had appeared, the messenger had vanished in the dark of the night.

The gift from Radamis was do'ra'shay himself, badly beaten, but still alive. The elder, enraged, castrated him there and then, announcing that none of tumakahr's kind would ever again walk with the Kahns again. He then stabbed him in the stomach. announcing that none of tumakahr's kind would ever eat with the Kahn's again. Finally, the elder, slashed at his face announcing that tumakahr was not a true Kahn and would never again be recognised as one.


Kahns are known the world over for their ferocity, strength, and brutality. They are known to be exceptional warriors, similar to Pescarans but much bigger, stronger, and tougher. Their culture is tribal and extremely barbaric. They are feared more than admired, but many can tip their hat off to how loyal they are to themselves and their empire, and more surprisingly, how equality thrives between the sexes.

Kahns are very family focussed. They have a strong belief in the need for honour. Any Kahns that chooses to leave the Kahn Empire, or leave the province, or their family, will be completely disavowed and told never to return. In the rare case that someone leaves and does return, they will immediately be met with a very public death using one of five Kahn torture techniques. The body of the individual will be positioned in the town centre of the individuals birth for all to see.

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