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Onipa Tawo

Onipa Tawo


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Terra Lunis




Onipa Tawo

oh-nee-pa ta-woe






Hunters / locals



First discovered:

10th era


The Onipa-Tawo, or children of the stars, are an enigmatic race residing in the region of Terra Lunis. They are believed to be the descendants of ancient Earth peoples who were mysteriously abducted during the 6th era of Anarkand. The legends surrounding their origins speak of a time on Earth when the skies were ablaze with celestial lights and a great chariot descended from the heavens to transport a chosen few to a distant world.

These ancient Earth peoples, taken from various cultures and civilizations, found themselves on Anarkand, where they were introduced to advanced knowledge and technologies by their enigmatic abductors, often referred to as the Koballah. Over centuries, the abductees adapted to their new environment, intermingling their Earthly heritage with the advanced teachings given to them by the Koballah.

Terra Lunis, the homeland of the Onipa-Tawo, is a region bathed in perpetual twilight, where the skies shimmer with an ethereal glow and the landscape is dotted with bioluminescent flora here and there. The area is rich with crystalline minerals that emit a soft, luminous light, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that captivates and mystifies visitors.

The Onipa-Tawo have harnessed the natural luminescence of their environment, developing unique technologies and practices that integrate seamlessly with the land. Their architecture is a blend of ancient Earth styles.

The Koballah, who the Onipa-Tawo refer to in their ancient texts as Celestial Shepherds, are believed to have imparted advanced knowledge of astronomy, metallurgy, and bioengineering to their new charges. This knowledge allowed the Onipa-Tawo to thrive in Terra Lunis, developing advanced medical practices, sustainable agriculture, and harmonious social structures.

The Celestial Shepherds left behind relics and monuments that still stand in Terra Lunis, serving as both inspiration and mystery to the Onipa-Tawo. These ancient structures are believed to hold the secrets of the stars and the keys to understanding the true purpose of their ancestors' abduction.

Onipa-Tawo Folklore: The Dignitary

Koba was a young Onipa-Tawo, known for his insatiable curiosity and a deep sense of connection to the celestial origins of his people. He spent his days studying the ancient texts and relics left by the Celestial Shepherds, yearning to uncover the secrets of his ancestors and the true nature of Terra Lunis.

One twilight evening, while exploring the Europan Caverns—an ancient, crystal-filled network of caves rumoured to house the most significant relics of the Celestial Shepherds—Koba stumbled upon a hidden chamber. In the centre of the chamber stood a large, crystalline obelisk, pulsing with a soft, rhythmic light.

Drawn to the obelisk, Koba placed his hand upon its smooth surface. Instantly, visions flooded his mind: images of Earth, the great chariot descending, and the Celestial Shepherds imparting knowledge to his ancestors. Among these visions, Koba saw a map of Terra Lunis, highlighting a path leading to a remote, uncharted area known as the Mobius Spire.

Determined to uncover the truth, Koba set out on a journey to the Mobius Spire, accompanied by his loyal companion, Anja, a skilled herbalist. Together, they traversed the glowing forests, crossed the shimmering rivers, and climbed the luminescent peaks of Terra Lunis, guided by the celestial map imprinted in Koba's mind.

Along the way, they encountered various challenges: treacherous terrain, mystical creatures guarding sacred sites, and ancient puzzles that tested their resolve and intelligence. Each obstacle brought them closer together and deeper into the mysteries of their heritage.

Upon reaching the Mobius Spire, Koba and Anja discovered a hidden enclave containing a vast repository of knowledge and advanced technology. Here, they found a recording left by the Celestial Shepherds, explaining the purpose of their ancestors' abduction: to preserve the wisdom of Earth and ensure its survival through the Onipa-Tawo people.

One last thing remained. as per the instructions given, Koba and Anja would drink from the chalice of revelation. Anja wouldn't survive this action, but Koba would. As the darkness enveloped his vision, and the voices of a billion people danced around his mind, he became unconscious falling into a deep sleep

After some time, Koba would awaken. Looking old and bedraggled, feeling thin and frail, he would observe his surroundings. He hadn't awoken on Anarkand, instead he stared outwards at the great expanse of the sandy desert before him. Earth.

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