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450 Earth years


Radamis Empire


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12e Alliance


Radamis Empire

First discovered:

12th era


The Radamis Empire's greatest living general... Jinpachi. He has led the empire to several victories throughout the years and is highly revered throughout the empires many districts. Jinpachi was born late into a family of warriors, known as the Kabrola. The Kabrola were a very proud clan that survived through many eras of Anarkand and many wars against the empire.

Through the ages, the mere mention of the Kabrola would spark fear amongst the people. They were brutal, barbaric, and bloodthirsty. The Radamis Empire was ruled by them throughout the 11th era and early into the 12th. They ruled with an iron fist and a strong will to expand the empire across the continent.

For many, they were a necessary evil. During their reign, the empire enjoyed a safety that was unprecedented. No-one dared try to invade or attack them or their bases around the world. The Radamis people lived prosperous lives filled with riches. and their economy was in excellent health, growing continually.

For others however, the Kabrola were despised. This was mainly due to an increased presence of soldiers and military personnel throughout the land, as well as other forms of surveillance. There was also the reintroduction of slavery and forced military service. Slave workers were born to enslaved female inhabitants and raised in slave farms. This disgusting practice was exceptionally heinous.

The first-born males of families throughout the empire would be forced to enlist their child into the military as part of forced military service. A minimum of 20 Earth years would have to be served before freedom would be granted.

Many found the above practices to be barbaric and had opposed Kabrola rule; many had simply had enough, and 300 years ago an organised group of rebels, aided and funded by Marrakis, stormed into the palace of Radamis and overthrew the Kabrola. In the months that followed, all Kabrola family members and allies were hunted down by the rebels and terminated, all but one...Jinpachi.

The final Kabrola death would take place 102 days after the coup had begun. At the Palace of Radamis, in front of a crowd that reached upwards of 30,000, a new emperor would emerge, Emperor Kabuto. His first port of call would be to slay his outgoing counterpart, Emperor Juno Kabrola. He held him up in front of the crowd below playing up to the cheers that echoed throughout parts of the empire, before slitting his throat and throwing his blooded corpse from the upper balcony to the joyous crowd below.

Jinpachi, the son of Juno, would be spared. His death, Emperor Kabuto declared, would not be on this day. Instead, as way of reparation, and for revenge against the Kabrola, Jinpachi, first-born son of Juno, would be forced into military service for the entirety of his natural life. This action was met with raucous cheers from those who gathered at the palace and signified a new era; a new order. No longer would there be forced military service. No more would there be slavery. Slave farms were outlawed, and a new rule had begun.

Jinpachi's fate seemed to be sealed. Many thought that the son of the old emperor who they believed grew up pampered, protected, and free from common hardship, would be met with death quickly in military service. What happened though, was nothing short of incredible.

Jinpachi would grow and develop into a fine soldier. He followed orders, was strong, determined and appeared to enjoy battling against Radamis enemies. He seemed to thrive under pressure and was keen to learn everything there was to learn about Radamis spacecraft, weaponry, command chains, military protocols, war history and more.

As the years passed by, Jinpachi would grow a reputation within the military that carried a lot of respect. His bravery in the battles against the Andromanians and then subsequently the Burana-Kai was well noted by his superiors and he was given many commendations for his contributions to the war efforts against both enemies.

The name Jinpachi would eventually become synonymous with success. He rose through the ranks and eventually became a commander, leading several thousand soldiers into battle against the Marakai to the south of Mara. Within another decade, Jinpachi's dedication to Radamis and his ability to succeed in battle where others have failed, led to an unusual and unexpected moment of recognition.

His fathers killer, the current emperor, Kabuto, would host a one-on-one meeting with Jinpachi. After a short discussion with Jinpachi, he opened a beautifully decorated blue box containing a small obsidian dagger.

"This, Jinpachi Kabrola, son of Juno Kabrola, is the blade I used to kill your father. Today, this dagger is yours. You have served your emperor, you have served the realm, now, I present you with an opportunity..." The emperor said as he stood from his throne, walked over to Jinpachi and handed him the dagger.

"The opportunity to serve revenge for your father."

Jinpachi looked down at the dagger in his hand, then slowly looked upwards until his eyes met the gaze of the emperor. He paused for a few moments, collecting his thoughts before he spoke "You will not die on this day my emperor, or on any of the days that I serve this realm"

Emperor Kabuto smiled. "Then you Jinpachi, will be my general. The armies of Radamis, are yours to command."

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