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Intelligence grade:


Lifespan ( Sols ):



Lifa Nekata













Tritan, Husk

First discovered:

3rd era


Lifa Nekata is home to the Lifarians, a highly intelligent, resilient and fiercely independent race. These beings, with their unique physiology and steadfast principles, have long stood as guardians of their ancestral homeland, steadfastly refusing to be drawn into the tumultuous politics of the wider world.

The Lifarians trace their origins back to the 3rd era, when the first members of their race emerged from the pits of despair deep in the Nekata Forest. Physically, Lifarians are characterized by their slender yet robust frames, adorned with shimmering iridescent scales that shift and change colour in the light. Their luminous red eyes gleam with intelligence and resolve, reflecting the indomitable spirit of their people. They usually have two or three tails, the third of which growing only after 100 or so years.

At the heart of Lifarian society lies a strong social construct built upon principles of fortitude, cooperation, and mutual respect. Lifarians place great importance on communal harmony and collective well-being, forging deep bonds of camaraderie within their large-scale communities.

Despite their formidable strength and advanced technology, Lifarians are a peaceful and introspective people, preferring diplomacy and dialogue over conflict and confrontation. They hold a deep reverence for the natural world and the delicate balance of life that sustains them, viewing themselves as stewards of their land and guardians of its ancient wisdom.

Enemies of the 12e Alliance and the Radamis Empire:
Throughout their long history, the Lifarians have found themselves embroiled in conflict with two formidable adversaries: the 12e Alliance and the Radamis Empire. Despite their relative isolation and disinterest in planetary politics, the Lifarians have become targets of aggression and exploitation by these expansionist powers due to the power hidden within the forests of Nekata.

The 12e Alliance, with its vast military might and imperial ambitions, seeks to exert control over the resources of Lifa Nekata and subjugate its inhabitants to serve their own interests. Similarly, the Radamis Empire, fuelled by a desire for conquest and domination, views the Lifarians as obstacles to be overcome in their relentless pursuit of power.

Defence of Homeland:
In the face of external threats and aggression, the Lifarians have refused to bow to the will of their enemies. Instead, they have mobilized their formidable defences to protect their homeland from invasion and exploitation, utilizing their advanced technology and strategic acumen to repel all who would dare to threaten their way of life.

Despite their enemies' attempts to sow discord and division among their ranks, the Lifarians remain united in their determination to safeguard their ancestral homeland at all costs. They draw strength from their collective resolve and unwavering commitment to each other, standing as a shining beacon of resilience and defiance against the forces of tyranny and oppression.

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