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Kabal Warrior

Kabal Warrior


Current status:


Intelligence grade:



50 Earth years


Union of Kabal




Kabal Warrior

kuh-bal wo-ree-uhr


Immured by region







First discovered:

6th era


Kabal Warriors are frontline soldiers for the Kaballan army of the king and queen. They will often help Peacekeepers patrol the lands and police them, but only if the country is not at war. They are always armed with the most combat-friendly weaponry, but are never trusted with the stronger weaponry in the Kaballan arsenal.

Kaballan biology was once very different. It was more pure. For years they enjoyed the luxury of the Red Hex above them, which delivered clean air, reliable energy and weather systems, like the rest of the world is used to. That all changed in 10th era when war broke out between the lesser nations of Kabal ( as they were known before they formed a union ) and an alliance that contained Marrakis, Murdu, and Dumatra. More information on the war can be found by visiting the Union of Kabal on the interactive map.

The war lasted some 70 Earth years and resulted in extensive damage to the Red Hex above the lesser Kaballan nations. This damage resulted in the single biggest tragedy in Anarkand's history, resulting in the deaths of over 100 million inhabitants between all the nations.

The fallout from this war, known as the Sona War, meant that the physiological capability of the Kaballan people was heavily affected. The air was impure, pollution became a major issue, the weather systems that they had been dependant on for centuries had began to fail, and even the most basic of lifes requirements, such as breathing, became difficult.

The Marakai, who were sworn enemies of the Kaballans, performed one of the greatest u-turns in Anarkian history by aiding their enemies. They helped restore parts of the Red Hex, afforded the Kaballan people much needed food and water, clothing, engineers and builders, to try to save the country from complete annihilation.

The Empire of Radamis also played a huge role in redeveloping the country by encouraging the forming of a union of lesser states, ( now, The Union of Kabal ), which now no longer contains any individual countries. This union has surpassed all expectations.

The Radamis Empire aided in the development of breathing apparatus for each of the inhabitants, and began building huge pipelines and structures across Kaballan lands that would filter clean, non-polluted air into the country, allowing the people to thrive once more. Of course, this 'kindness' shown by Radamis simply guarantees the empire have a powerful ally in the region against the Marakai and the 12e Alliance.

Due to the issues surrounding air and pollution, the Kaballans now wear permanent breathing apparatus from birth.

Kaballans are genetically tainted due to the Sona war. They are getting stronger as the genome develops and changes through the generations. Kabal's population is slowly but surely developing strong immunity to the various pollutants in their water and in their air. This has resulted in discourse about the potential threat from the Union of Kabal in the future, and is a growing concern amongst 12e Alliance members.

Kaballans are very loyal to the mother and father of the union. Very rarely do they leave the area, although diplomats, explorers, and other political leaders for the country will travel outside. Many Kaballans live in fear of the outside world as they are, ironically, unsure that they will survive the changes to cleaner air, cleaner environments, cleaner water, and stronger RED Hex components.

Kaballans will grow up to 7 feet tall. Depending on where their essence has come from, they are usually quite strong. Much like humans, there is a short infantile stage, leading to pre-adolescence, adolescence, then adulthood.

Kabal Warriors when they are not at war, are free to live their lives however they please under Koballan land laws and religious laws. Kabal Warriors can be found across the world. Their locations are in line with Kaballan strategic operations.

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