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Capital City:
Societal Structure:
Red Hex Status:

Rocky, Desert, Greenery
Eastern Anarkand
Slightly Diverse
Highly Diverse
Active. 85% efficiency

N a t i v e s



L a n d s c a p e

Convergence of the Gods
Mazkar of the Water God Arias
Tenzuna Spring Oasis


Convergence of the Gods

Mazkar of the Water God Arias

Tenzuna Spring Oasis

A b o u t

Anarkis, located in the eastern region of Anarkand and just north of Kvatch, is a country renowned for its high biodiversity and rocky terrain. Despite the challenging landscape, Anarkis boasts a dense population that thrives amidst the rugged environment. The nation's biodiversity is reflected in its abundant fauna, though flora is relatively limited in the south due to the arid conditions. Anarkis has emerged as a major hub of trade activity, earning a reputation as a well-respected and independent country.

Anarkis has a rich history that spans centuries. Unlike many of its neighbours, it has managed to avoid entanglement in the conflicts between the dominant 12e Alliance and the Radamis Empire. This neutrality has allowed Anarkis to focus on its own growth and development, fostering a culture that values trade, innovation, and self-reliance. The people of Anarkis are known for their resourcefulness and have built a thriving society despite the harsh conditions of their homeland.

One major international issue that Anarkis is feeling pressure in, centres around the imprisonment of Senturia, a former leader and representative of Terra Lunis, a country predominantly of human origin to the north. Senturia was captured many years ago and the Temple of Anark have begun to put pressure on Anarkis leaders to release her back to the Terra-Lunis people. Anarkis though, remain firm on their position.


The Mazkar of the Water God Arias.
One of the most revered landmarks in Anarkis is the Mazkar of the water god Arias. This sacred site is dedicated to Arias, the deity worshipped for bringing the rains essential to the desert-like terrain of Anarkis. The Mazkar is a grand temple complex located near one of the rare freshwater sources in the region.

It features intricate carvings and sculptures that depict the legend of Arias and her gift of water to the people. The temple is not only a place of worship but also a centre for community gatherings and festivals, where the locals express their gratitude for the life-sustaining rains.

The Convergence of the Gods
The Convergence of the Gods is a legendary site situated in the heart of Anarkis. According to ancient lore, this is the ground where the gods of Anarkand would meet to shape the future of the world. The site is marked by a circle of massive standing stones, each representing a different deity.

The people of Anarkis believe that during these meetings, the gods would imbue the land with their divine powers, ensuring prosperity and protection for the people. Today, the Convergence of the Gods is a place of pilgrimage and reflection, drawing visitors from across Anarkis and beyond who seek inspiration and blessings.

The Tenzuna Spring Oasis
Nestled in the rugged landscape to the south of Anarkis lies the Tenzuna Spring Oasis, a beautiful and vital source of freshwater. The oasis is a lush, green haven in the otherwise arid terrain, surrounded by towering rock formations. It is a popular destination for both locals and travellers, offering a respite from the harsh environment.

The Tenzuna Spring is not only valued for its beauty but also for its importance to the survival of the people and wildlife of Anarkis. The oasis supports a diverse array of fauna and serves as a critical water source for nearby settlements. Some Anarkis people believe that the water has great healing properties as it has been touched by the divine.

Suarez City
Although not its capital, the largest city in Anarkis, Suarez, is located to the north. Suarez is a bustling metropolis that serves as the economic and cultural heart of the country. The city is known for its vibrant markets, where traders from across Anarkand come to buy and sell goods.

The streets of Suarez are lined with shops, cafes, and cultural institutions, reflecting the rich heritage and dynamic spirit of Anarkis. Despite its size and activity, Suarez maintains a strong sense of community, with residents taking great pride in their city.

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