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Current status:


Intelligence grade:



500 Earth years


North Turrican Ocean














First discovered:

2nd era


Ventara are One of the oldest sea creatures on Anarkand, first depicted by the Kanesh people to the north during the 2nd era. These marine animals are not dissimilar to Ventus or Glow Ventus as they too feature
mushroom-shaped bells and trailing tentacles. The large head, or bell, pulsates providing excellent propulsion.

The tentacles, like jellyfish on Earth, have stingers, and are capable of unleashing exceptionally strong toxins that can paralyse and overpower their enemies, however, the tentacles of the Ventara have another, more unusual ability.

The great tentacles of this creature have the ability to paralyse and latch on to other inhabitants who find themselves in the unfortunate position of being too close. Once the tentacles have a grip of the unsuspecting individual, it will penetrate deep into its skull, via the eyes, the ears, or any other available and reachable orifices.

Once this happens, the Ventara begins manipulating and controlling the inhabitant. This is its new host. This is when the intelligence of the Ventara changes, as it adopts the sentience of its new host. Whilst it is rare for the Ventara to assume control of creatures outside of the waters of the North Turrican Ocean, it is certainly not entirely unheard of.

A famous tale that is spoken around Anarkand is that of Sero Santunaga, an explorer from Iccus who was studying the Ventara. As part of his study, he wanted to learn about the mind-controlling capabilities of the creature and willingly subjected himself to its control by placing one on his head. Footage later recovered from the facility where the experiment was conducted show that within minutes the Ventara had assumed control of Sero and lashed out at his colleagues.

Of 22 researchers and explorers, only two made it out alive, a doctor by the name of Zygan Vorska, and Sero Santunaga, who was no longer himself. Sero, with a huge Ventara attached to his skull, escaped and was never recovered. his whereabouts remain unknown to this day. Many stories have developed from this tale and often the young of the Iccus are told of evil Ventara that walk on four-legs that terrorise children who don't focus on their studies and Iccus personal developments.

Ventara, it is believed, are able to take control of any host that they attach themselves to. Other stories about them tell of huge Ventara controlled Drah'min and Kahn Warriors, although there is no evidence that this has ever been the case.

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