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40 Earth years















All Nekatans

First discovered:

8th era


Deep beyond the Nekata Forest to the north-west, are the Baraniendemor mountains, the largest mountain range across Anarkand, reaching heights of approximately 9,000m or 29527.56 feet. The mountain itself poses many dangers on its ascent, but there are many who attempt to reach its peak, due to the being that resides there...Qorona.

Drah'min, a dragon-like creature, often featuring in fabled stories of old, reside here. It is unknown just how many still exist, but at the very minimum there are two. They are known to the world as the Drah'min of creation. The origins of the Drah'min of creation is unclear, but for as long as history has been recorded, they have encompassed the two pillars of knowledge and protect, or rather keep imprisoned, the Qorona of creation.

In order to reach Qorona, one must embark on the Kessler Pilgrimage, a journey that takes the individual across the many countries of Anarkand in order to interact with the Kessler stones by way of spilling blood on them. The Drah'min that guard Qorona do not always appear as living, breathing creatures. They have the ability to petrify themselves, turning into a solid gold as they claim their rest on the pillars of knowledge.

Only when it is absolutely necessary will the Drah'min switch form back into fleshy creatures and display their magnificence. It is worth noting however, that there have been several reported sightings of said Drah'min, circling the top of the mountain especially at night.

The Drah'min has a sturdy skeleton structure, however it is able to shift between a fluid flesh-like state and a solid golden state. Drah'min have a large head, long neck, broad shoulders, thick legs, strong tail, and very large wings. The Drah'min's bones are very strong and its jaw is large enough to accommodate the very strong muscles around it. The shoulder bones are thick and strong which is needed to handle the large wing muscles required to fly.

The Drah'min has a full set of scales that can easily withstand attacks from other creatures of Anarkand. Drah'min have 10-14 inch wide, and 17-19 inch long scales covering its body. The scales overlap each other, but due to individual depressions on each of the scales, movement is easy and there is no major rigidity.

Although the Drah'min was once viewed as an important predator within the North Anarkian food chain, there has been little investigation into the creature’s genetic makeup, and that research concerning Drah'min studies has been shockingly sparse.

Drah'min have mating rituals that are steeped in a display of strength. Males will fight for their mating partner by taking on any other Drah'min in the area who have displayed a similar interest in the female. After winning any fights or battles, the Drah'min is known to bring food, trinkets, and other various goodies until enough time has passed and he has been accepted.

Andromanian Scientists wrote about the mating cycle of the Drah'min. They stated that Drah'min will interlope once in a lifetime, producing 2-3 eggs. Those eggs are protected by the male Drah'min whilst the female Drah'min prepares food for when they hatch. The hatching process was observed to have taken place 3 Earth months after incubation.

Drah'min can now only be found high up in the Baraniendemor mountains. They choose this high altitude and reclusive environment due to a history of aggression directed towards them from a multitude of Anarkand's inhabitants. Some where hunted for their scales, others for their teeth and skin.

Researchers placed a high price on the slaying and capturing of Drah'min in order to study their shapeshifting capabilities. They did this without the knowledge that only two specific Drah'min have this ability...the Drah'min of creation.

Drah'min used to live up to around 200 Earth years, but since the 9th era, they have only been capable of living to approximately 40 Earth years. Quite why this happened is anyone's guess, but it is most likely due to a change of habitat, a more scarce food source that lacks variety, and a lack of society.

Drah'min can grow as large as 40 feet tall and as long as 160 feet. They tend to grow quickly during the early stages of life and maintain the same size for the remainder of their lives, this process of growth can also play a role in their limited lifespan.

Drah'min once stood proud over the lands of Anarkand. Their societal structure led to their discovery by Annunakis in the 8th era due to the way they navigated the skies in large numbers, showcasing aerial displays of beauty. Since those times, the Drah'min's numbers have dwindled and no longer do they appear in the skies across the world.

Drah'min society now is limited to a male, a female, and their offspring. Drah'min are only ever found to the north of Anarkand, in particular the Baraniendemor mountains.

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