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Deep beyond the Nekata Forest to the north-west, are the Baraniendemor mountains, the largest mountain range across Anarkand, reaching heights of approximately 9,000m or 29527.56 feet. The mountain itself poses many dangers on its ascent, but there are many who attempt to reach its peak, due to the being that resides there...Qorona.

How Qorona came to be is unknown. It has always existed and it always will. Qorona is sought after by many of the inhabitants of Anarkand due to its very nature. In order to reach Qorona, one must embark on the Kessler Pilgrimage, a journey that takes the individual across the many countries of Anarkand in order to interact with the Kessler stones by way of spilling blood on them.

When all stones have been visited, and in order, the individual may make the journey to the summit of the Baraniendemor mountain in order to meet with Qorona. Those who are successful in navigating the great many dangers that the pilgrimage entails, will be granted an audience with Qorona.

The reward for reaching Qorona is simple. You may ask the being one question; any question. Perhaps you may ask the meaning of life, or where can I find my true love? No matter what you ask, Qorona will answer the question truthfully, imbuing you with the knowledge you so desire.

The caveat? Once the knowledge of an answer has been granted, the one asking the question will find their very essence being absorbed by Qorona. They will replace the former, assuming the new role of Qorona, thus freeing the former. They will be imbued with the knowledge of all that ever was, and all that ever has been and can be. They will find themself caught in the bind of Kessler's contract, invisibly chained between the Drah'min of creation, awaiting another to undertake the pilgrimage and free them from this prison.

Those who gain their freedom from their new replacement, will retain their knowledge of all that ever was, and all that ever can be. How they use this new knowledge in the world around them is entirely up to them. Many will simply perish, take their own lives, descend into madness or chaos, and lose the will to live. Having so much knowledge is a blessing, but also the greatest burden in existence. It is very rare to find someone who has the mental fortitude to handle such power.

The knowledge of every individual who becomes the Qorona is absorbed into the Qorona itself. All they have ever known of themselves, their environment and their experiences, all become one with the Qorona. Once an inhabitant becomes the Qorona, they may find themselves laying dormant in their new prison for as much as centuries until a new seeker of knowledge arrives to ask them a simple question.

The overall essence and physiological structure of the being known as Qorona depends entirely on the form of its replacement. Over the years, inhabitants of Anarkand who have successfully concluded the sacred Kessler Pilgrimage have described the being as taking many different forms, ranging from Marakai to Kazar and beyond.

Qorona is a singular entity, or so it appears. As such, there is no reproduction cycle. Genetically, there is no information that exists to determine the truth in this matter.

Qorona can be found at the highest point of the Baraniendemorian mountains to the north of Anarkand. Isolated from the world, and surrounded by the deadliest of creatures and inhabitants at the foot of the mountain range, Qorona is well protected. Those who make it to the summit after completing the Kessler Pilgrimage will be met by Qorona, invisibly chained to the two pillars of existence.

This being is guarded by the two Drah'Min of creation. Although they do appear stationary, there have been reported sightings of said Drah'Min circling the top of the mountain especially at night.

Qorona is unique and can only be found at the top of the Baraniendemor mountains.

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