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Shivayan Leader

Shivayan Leader


Current status:


Intelligence grade:



90 Earth years






Shivayan Leader

she-vie-ann leader









First discovered:

8th era


Leadership among the Shivayans is marked by an individuals wisdom, integrity, and the ability to maintain order in their society. At the helm of Shivayan leadership are the leaders, who are always exclusively female. These are individuals who have demonstrated exceptional courage and insight over the course of their lives.

They are chosen through a combination of merit and consensus, the leaders serve as the guiding voices of the Shivayan community, offering counsel, resolving disputes, and upholding the sacred traditions that bind their society together.

Beneath the Elders are the Chieftains who oversee specific regions or areas within Pescara. Charged with the day-to-day administration of their respective domains, the Chieftains play a crucial role in maintaining harmony and order among their people. They are responsible for ensuring that resources are distributed fairly, disputes are resolved swiftly, and the needs of all Shivayans are met.

Alongside the Chieftains are the Tamudo, spiritual leaders who commune with the divine forces that govern the universe. Endowed with mystical abilities and ancient knowledge, the Tamudo serve as intermediaries between the Shivayans and the gods, offering guidance, performing rituals, and interpreting omens. Their wisdom is highly valued, and their words carry great weight within Shivayan society.

The importance of order cannot be overstated in Shivayan culture. It is seen as the foundation upon which their society is built, the bedrock upon which their prosperity and security rest. Through adherence to established customs, respect for authority, and a collective commitment to the common good, the Shivayans have ensured that order prevails in their towns and villages.

In times of crisis or uncertainty, it is the strength of their leadership and the resilience of their society that have allowed the Shivayans to weather even the most brutal of storms. By placing their trust in the wisdom of their Leaders, the guidance of their Chieftains, and the wisdom of their Shamans, the Shivayans have forged a society that stands as a beacon of order and harmony in the tumultuous world of Anarkand.

The Shivayans have long resided in the lush region of Pescara. With their keen intellect, exceptional hunting skills, and deep connection to nature, the Shivayans have forged strong bonds with the native Pescarans and other inhabitants of the region. Their presence has brought stability and prosperity to Pescara, earning them the respect and admiration of all who call the region home.

The origins of the Shivayans trace back to ancient times, when their ancestors first arrived in Pescara seeking refuge from the chaos and turmoil of distant lands. Drawn to the region's abundant natural resources and tranquil beauty, the Shivayans made Pescara their home, embracing its beautiful forests, crystal-clear rivers, and towering mountains as their own.

Over the centuries, the Shivayans flourished in Pescara, their society evolving into a harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and compassion for the natural world. Guided by their deep spiritual beliefs and unwavering commitment to preserving the balance of nature, the Shivayans became stewards of the land, protecting it from harm and ensuring its bountiful resources were shared equitably among all who dwelled there.

Central to Shivayan culture is a profound belief in a pantheon of benevolent deities, each representing a different aspect of nature and the universe. Among these deities, the most revered is Vayan, the god of universal essence.

Joining the 12e Alliance:
Recently, the Shivayans have made history by agreeing to join the 12e Alliance, a coalition of diverse races and civilizations united in their quest for peace, prosperity, and mutual cooperation. Recognizing the importance of solidarity and unity in the face of external threats, the Shivayans have pledged their unwavering support to the Alliance, eager to contribute their unique skills and talents to its noble cause.

As members of the 12e Alliance, the Shivayans have denounced the Radamis Empire and declared them as enemies.

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