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Current status:


Intelligence grade:



90 Earth years




Very high












First discovered:

2nd era


The Andromanians are a people defined by their commitment to scientific inquiry, intellectual curiosity, and rational thought. Their society, deeply secular, fosters a culture where empirical knowledge and reason are held in the highest regard. This has shaped the Andromanians into a uniquely progressive and innovative population on Anarkand.

From an early age, Andromanians are immersed in a rigorous education system that emphasizes STEM disciplines—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Education is not just a means to an end but a lifelong pursuit, with many citizens continuing to engage in research and learning well into their advanced years. This culture of continuous education and intellectual growth has resulted in a populace that is highly knowledgeable and skilled in a variety of fields.

Despite their focus on science and technology, Andromanians are also deeply empathetic and community-oriented. They value diversity and inclusivity, seeing the differences in backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives as strengths that enrich their society. The multicultural nature of Andromania is evident in the vibrant cultural festivals, diverse culinary traditions, and the multitude of languages spoken within its borders. This cultural melting pot has created a dynamic and harmonious social fabric where cooperation and mutual respect are the norms.

Andromanians share a strong secular worldview, which means they prioritize solutions based on evidence and logic rather than superstition or dogma. This pragmatic outlook extends to their interpersonal relationships, where honesty, transparency, and rational discourse are highly valued. Conflicts, when they arise, are typically addressed through dialogue and negotiation rather than aggression or hostility.

The Andromanian family structure is often egalitarian, reflecting their broader societal values. Gender equality is a fundamental principle, and opportunities for education and professional advancement are equally accessible to all. Parenting is seen as a shared responsibility, with both partners actively involved in raising and educating their children.

Socially, Andromanians are known for their hospitality and warmth. While they are serious about their work and studies, they also understand the importance of leisure and community bonding. Social gatherings, cultural events, and communal activities are common, providing opportunities for relaxation and connection. The Andromanian sense of humour, often described as witty and cerebral, adds to the richness of their social interactions.

One of the defining traits of the Andromanian people is their resilience. Historically, they have faced numerous challenges, from environmental changes to political pressures, yet they have consistently emerged stronger. This resilience is rooted in their collective mindset—a belief in the power of knowledge and a commitment to progress. They approach challenges as opportunities for growth, leveraging their scientific expertise and collaborative spirit to find innovative solutions.

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