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The Old Order

The beginnings of The Anarkian Brotherhood date back to over 2,000 years ago. The Anarkian way of life was resurrected by MK Black, a philosopher, occultist, and firm scholar, turned master of dark and light magicks.

The brotherhood welcomes men and women of high intellect, strong will, and pure desire.

Let your soul wander free, do not keep it prisoner.

We believe that man has experienced intervention at many junctures over the course of our short history. We believe that another world, known as Anarkand, has influenced our Earth, and allowed us to flourish. What we have become however, is a meek representation of the true potential form of human beings as a collective.

For all the help we have been given, and for all the teachings that have been passed down to us; we still haven't grown passed barbarism towards one another and the world in which we occupy. All throughout history we have been given the tools and technology to break free of power and corruption, yet here we are, standing at the apex of destruction, and no-one seems to care.

Sujira cares.

Sujira has always cared. Throughout our history she has shared her knowledge and wisdom. She has tried to guide us from afar. Many of us have payed heed to her warnings, her teachings, and her power. The majority of us have not.

It is time that we did.

The Anarkian Brotherhood has always operated from deep within the Earth. Our occultic practices, ( described as such by those who fear us due to lack of understanding ) allow us to penetrate the very fabric of the world around us and the energies that surround us.

There are no gods, only man-made figments of imagination. Great stories have been born from mans desire to give hope, where all hope is gone. Man is determined to make sense of the world around him, that he creates senseless belief systems that have no truth, no consistency, and no clear direction. Man tried to create hope, instead, man solidified hopelessness.

The universe is everything. It needs us, and we need it. We must embrace this fact and harness its energies.

MK Black


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