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The Anarkand Podcast

A bitesize podcast with the main focus being on all things Anarkand. The creator directly speaks about the book series, trading card game, and the adventure RPG.


There will be conversations about the series characters, organisations, and so much more. Perfect for any Anarkand fan.

stephen purdon

Episode 1: Where it all began

The first podcast focusses a little on the creator of the series, Stephen Purdon and a bit about his background. The main topic of conversation will be around the general idea of the Anarkand science fiction series and how it all came about from game form, to full-blown book series, artworks, and interactive website.

Episode 2: Conceptualising Anarkand


The second episode of the Anarkand Podcast delves deeper into the purple planet itself, as Stephen Purdon describes how the world works, and what he expects of it. In this episode, he describes the Red Hex One, as well as its unique ability to traverse the stars unchallenged and unaffected by all around it. 


Episode 3: The books explained

The third podcast goes into the reasons for having main novels and then spin-off novellas known as Chronicles. Stephen explains why this was the chosen format and details extra information regarding the lore, secrets, and more on the Anarkand website.

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