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Image by Irina Iriser

A journey through space and time

Stephen Purdon's epic deep space journey composition. A journey through space and time, is a 3 hour long composition that is designed to take you through the known universe and beyond.

Anarkand Soundscapes

  Stephen Purdon's Anarkand Soundscapes feature 10 tracks lovingly crafted to accompany elements of the initial Origins book. 
Buy, download, listen to the full album here.

The Butterfly Effect

Stephen Purdon's deep space hypnotic music album. The Butterfly effect features 10 tracks that are perfect for sleep, anxiety, and study.

Buy, download, or listen to the full album here.

Luna Sujira


The Anarkian Brotherhood have created this piece for the purposes of rituals and sigil magicks. The track will absorb the energetic frequencies around you and propel your inner thoughts to the forefront of your manifestations.

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