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Caroline Island

car-o-line ai-lund

Capital City:
Societal Structure:
Red Hex Status:

Snowy tundra
No Capital City registered
South-West Anarkand
Sparse / limited
Sparse / very limited
Free reign / Free peoples
Active. 100% efficiency

N a t i v e s

Caroline of Caroline Island
Caroline of Caroline Island
Caroline of Caroline Island
Caroline of Caroline Island





L a n d s c a p e

Caroline Island Landscape
Caroline Island Landscape
Caroline Island Landscape
Caroline Island Landscape

Caroline Castle

Caroline River

Caroline Canyon

Caroline Old Canyon

A b o u t

O r i g i n s :

  The origins of Caroline Island are unknown to the inhabitants of Anarkand. This strange island to the south-west of Anarkand didn't appear on any maps for thousands of years, and was only discovered by chance when the Red Hex above the world suffered damage that required repair. Initially, the island was referred to as Livingstone's Key, but was renamed many years later upon the discovery of Andromanian writings.

  Many believe the island to be crafted by inhabitants of the world, however the evidence for this is sketchy at best. Those who believe this to be the case, often cite the fact that the island is essentially off-limits due to its close proximity to Sujira Island, an island slightly to the north that no-one is allowed to visit, due to it belonging to the Anarkian empress of which the island is named after. 

 I n h a b i t a n t s :

  Due to the location of the island, fauna and flora is very limited. This has raised questions of how hospitable the island is. Upon the islands discovery, by a research and discovery team hailing from Anarkis, it was determined that very little could survive here, and thus the island was deemed uninhabitable. That, however, would all change just 200 years later, when an airship carrying Andromanian scientists, on a research mission to Villarakis, would accidently veer too close to Sujira Island, resulting in their ship being shot at. The damage they suffered forced an emergency landing on nearby Caroline Island.
  They recorded their findings in journals, detailing the landscape, the inhabitants, the limited flora and the fauna. The journals contain an array of information about the island and whilst initially, the scientists writings seem upbeat and excitable, things begin taking a dramatic turn for in the opposite direction. The journals reveal the shifting mindset of the scientists and what they had to endure. It would take another 50 or so years for anyone to find these writings.

  Contained within was a clear and simple message. "They call themselves Caroline, all of them, each and every damn one...Caroline!"

J o u r n a l   E x c e r p t s :

Excerpt I

"...I am sorry. I am really, really sorry. My dearest wife, oh how I miss you right now, more than ever. This place, these people, if we can call them that...

  I should never have taken that assignment. I knew the risks, I knew the pilot was inexperienced, I knew...​

  I am still hopeful that a search party will come for us, but I have little belief that they will know where to look. No-one has been to this island for, what? centuries? We have no way to communicate, no way to contact the outside world. God, to just see your face again and kiss you. 

  I am sorry my love, I should have listened to you. This assignment was too dangerous. You were right, as you usually are my sweetness. 

Can you find it in your heart to forgive me Zura?"

Excerpt II

"...They call themselves Caroline. I initially believed this to be a collective term, but alas, it is more than that! They all refer to themselves as Caroline. Their behaviours are so unique, unlike anything I have seen before. Oh and the best part, they are identical to one another, from the way they look, to the mannerisms they share. Fascinating!"

Excerpt III

"...that must be it. They must have some form of thermal capability in those suits they are wearing. The Hex doesn't offer much in the way of warmth here, but the Caroline seem to be doing just fine."

Excerpt IV

"...I don't yet know the significance of what we discovered today, but if we ever leave this island I will make sure to follow up on my findings. We discovered drawings...a lot of them, in the hundreds, all over the walls, some of the hills and other areas. What terrifies me most about these drawings, is that I recognise them...Koballah! What is their influence here? Why are the Caroline so fascinated by them?"

Excerpt V

"...I know they're coming. There's only three of us left, Zekuza is barely holding on to essence, Marzuka...oh, Marzuka, she is not in a good way. I feel this is the end. they are coming for us, and this time they will finish us off. They are real Zura, they are still with us."

Excerpt VI

"...I will never forget you Zura. I will take you with me into the void. All that we shared together, I would do it all again with you by my side. No Andromanian ever touched my heart like you did. How I would love to make it home to hear you say I told you so..."

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