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Pronunciation: lo-cuss one

Class: Fighter

Weapon Grade: D

Weapon Type: Offensive

Planet Origin: Anarkand

Racial Origin: Andromania

Cloaking: None

Shield Strength: 200

Speed: 650

Crew Status: Droneship

Special Abilities: Nuclear kamikaze

Unique: Not Unique


The Andromanians are known for their technological advancements in ship building. Their strongest and most recognisable creation is the Lokus Mothership, which remains stationary above the Andromanian airspace below the Red Hex.

The most basic of the three vessels that can be deployed by the mothership, is the Lokus I. This unmanned, mothership-controlled drone fighter can be charged and released quickly to disperse any threats to the Andromanian people, or to engage in combat until the release of one of her sister ships, the Lokus II or the Lokus III.

The Lokus I is usually the first ship to be released into battle if required due to the fact that it has no crew, and thus the risk to life is null. With decent shielding for its size and an above average velocity, the Lokus I is an excellent craft for quick-fire enemy engagement.

The Lokus I also has the ability to activate a small fusion reactor within its core column which causes a flood of energy to the Lokus I's internal engines. This energy activates a self-detonation sequence, allowing the ship to lock on to a specific target and launch itself directly into its path, causing immeasurable damage to the enemy.

The risk of damage to other ships, people in the region or friendlies is also completely nullified due to a very unique property that no other ship on Anarkand has, and that is the "folding in" mechanism that the inverted reactor chamber contains within the Lokus itself. This implodes on impact and pulverizes everything within its small radius.


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