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Capital City:
Societal Structure:
Red Hex Status:

Purple flatlands.
South-West Anarkand
Approx. 3.2m
Abundant / varied / uniques
Abundant / highly varied
Democratic governance
Active. 100% efficiency

N a t i v e s

L a n d s c a p e

Villarakis purple landscape
Villarakis purple landscape
Villarakis purple landscape
Villarakis purple landscape

A b o u t

O r i g i n s :

Villarakis is one of the oldest known realms ( countries ) on Anarkand. According to Anarkian lore and historical teachings, it was one of the first that was inhabited by sentient, free-thinking lifeforms. These lifeforms, it is said, were given direct access to the word of Radamik and were instructed to multiply in number across the lands.

The Arakis peoples, as the varying lifeforms are affectionately known, went against this word, and instead chose to remain within their own realm, crafting beautiful structures, incredible colourful flatlands, and societal systems that benefit the many. They don't take too kindly to outsiders, this was a learned experience from historical events that nearly destroyed their peaceful way of life.

I n h a b i t a n t s :

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