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Anarkand online role-playing game
Anarkand online role-playing game

Lunaris™ Game Expansion Pack 1

Expansion Pack 1

Unlocks new spacecraft

New ship is yours... The Paragon!

The Paragon navigates the vast expanse of space with precision due to its state-of-the-art navigation systems and sensor arrays, charting courses through uncharted territories and circumnavigating hazardous anomalies with ease.

Paragon Bridge.jpg


Unlocks new character

Play as

The Shapeshifter

Shapeshifters have the ability to trap the souls of their enemies, draw mana from the world and other sources around them, and change into objects and other inhabitants as long as they have the knowledge to do so.



Unlocks new character

Play as

an Ashari Shaman

The Ashari Shaman is respected and feared in equal measures. His knowledge of the worlds beyond and his experience of other realms open up new choices and dialogue options across all of the star systems.

Ashari Shaman.png


Unlocks 2 new abilities

Access Shapeshifter & Shaman ability trees

Grants the ability for certain characters to utilise the new ability trees of the Shaman and The Shapeshifter. Unlocks more than 25 new perks and abilities for your new characters to choose from.

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Lunaris Expansion Pack 1



Unlocks new content for Lunaris™. Includes ships, characters, abilities, new skills and much more

Unlocks Class B Planets

Unlocks a new star system to explore

Unlocks new ship - The Paragon

Unlocks new character - Shapeshifter

Unlocks new character - Ashoqa Shaman

Unlocks Shaman ability tree

Unlocks Shapeshifter ability tree

Unlocks mining of asteroids

Unlocks mining of some planets

Unlocks Odyyn AI-voiced Guidance system

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