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Mecka-Tek Gaia
Mecka-Tek Gaia


Pronunciation: mek-ah-tek gai-ah

Class: Deployment Vessel

Weapon Grade: E

Weapon Type: None

Planet Origin: Earth

Racial Origin: Human ( Mecka )

Cloaking: None

Shield Strength: 250

Speed: 100

Crew Status: Artificial Intelligence

Special Abilities: M.A.I.A

Unique: Not Unique


The Mecka engineering company have available to them some of the greatest spacecraft ever built by inhabitants of Earth. One such vessel is the Mecka-Tek Gaia, a fully operational mothership of sorts that allows for the deployment of over twenty smaller fighter craft known as Mecka Pods.

The Gaia isn't built to fight, nor is it built to explore. It was built to be deployed quickly into orbit and to track enemies, communicate with other Mecka-Tek craft in space and on the ground, and to predict enemy movement and pathways.

The Gaia is fully operated by artificial intelligence and features self-determining equipment upgrades, repairs, and software systems. The Gaia is one of the most technologically advanced craft ever built.


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