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North-West Anarkand
Highly Diverse
Highly Diverse
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N a t i v e s

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Echelon of Essence
Ibarra City
Mudockha Science Centre

Echelon of Essence

Ibarra City


Mudockha Science Centre

A b o u t

Andromania is a hub of scientific prowess, located on the western continent of its world. The nation prides itself on its secular values, favouring no gods nor harbouring any belief in them. This ethos has fostered a society that values reason, empirical knowledge, and the diversity of its people. Andromania is a melting pot where individuals from all walks of life coexist, contributing to its highly diverse biome and vibrant multicultural atmosphere.

The Andromanians have relented from the major political battles and wars between the 12e Alliance and the Radamis Empire, but if push came to shove, then the likelihood would be a pact between them and 12e.


Tahlaria Crossing
Tahlaria Crossing is a monumental bridge that connects Andromania to the neighbouring country of Tahlaria. Constructed during the 10th era, this engineering marvel spans a vast river and serves as a critical artery for trade and travel between the two nations.

Echelon of Essence
Located in the heart of Tav, Andromania's second-largest city, the Echelon of Essence is a large well that has become a focal point of cultural significance. People from all over Andromania and beyond come to the well to partake in a unique ritual: they grant the well a small amount of their essence, which is drained from their bodies.

This practice is believed to purify the individual and prepare them better for future endeavours. The well itself is lined with luminescent stones that glow with an ethereal light. Surrounding the Echelon of Essence are numerous temples of knowledge and learning, reflecting Tav's reputation as a centre of enlightenment.

Mudockha Science Centre
In the city of Mudockha, the Mudockha Science Centre stands as the largest and most respected scientific institution in Andromania. This cutting-edge facility is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge across all fields of science, from theoretical physics to biotechnology. The Science Centre boasts state-of-the-art laboratories, expansive research libraries, and a host of interactive exhibits that educate and inspire visitors.

It is a hub for scientists and scholars from around the world, who come to collaborate and push the boundaries of Anarkian understanding. The Mudockha Science Centre symbolizes Andromania's commitment to scientific excellence and innovation.

Major Cities
Midgar is the capital city of Andromania and is known for its dynamic cultural scene and technological advancements. It is a city where tradition meets modernity, with historic districts that showcase Andromania's rich heritage alongside gleaming skyscrapers that represent its future.

Midgar is also a major economic centre, home to numerous well-established, globally recognised companies that drive the country's economy forward. The city's diverse population contributes to a vibrant atmosphere, with festivals, art exhibits, and performances happening year-round. Midgar is a microcosm of Andromania's multicultural society, where creativity and innovation thrive.

Ibarra City
Ibarra City is known for its beautiful cityscapes and urban hustle. Similar to Midgar, Ibarra City is a dream for artists, writers, and thinkers who seek inspiration from its serene, yet scientific and futuristic environment. The city is dotted with parks, gardens, and scenic viewpoints that highlight the natural beauty of the region.

Ibarra is also known across Anarkand for its holistic practices, attracting those who seek wellness and peace. The community here is tightly-knit and deeply values the preservation of nature and the promotion of well-being.

Tav, the second-largest city in Andromania, is home to the Echelon of Essence. Tav attracts visitors and residents alike who are drawn to its historical significance and contemporary charm. The city's streets are lined with museums, galleries, and theatres, as well as vibrant marketplaces where traders from all over the continent gather to exchange goods, ideas, and cultural practices. Educational institutions in Tav are among the finest in Andromania, fostering a spirit of learning and innovation.

The site of the esteemed Mudockha Science Centre. This city is characterized by its sleek, modern architecture and cutting-edge infrastructure. Mudockha is a magnet for researchers, engineers, and academics who come to push the boundaries of what is possible.

The city's numerous parks and recreational areas provide a balance to its intense intellectual atmosphere, offering residents and visitors a place to relax and recharge. Mudockha also hosts several annual science fairs and conferences, drawing international attention and fostering global collaboration.

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