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The new era of science fiction

The book types explained



 The novels are the main story path of the series and will be denoted as such. These can be read back to back without any other books being required, just like in any other series. One main novel will be released in each series of the Anarkand story.

 The Chronicles books are not required reading, however they do offer up the opportunity to learn more about the characters and their individual stories, as well as adding in additional lore. A minimum of three Chronicles books are to be released with every series of the Anarkand story.

What is the correct reading order?

Series One - Main Novel


Anarkand Origins

  Out there, deep in space, is another world known as Anarkand. For years, various groups here on Earth have been tracking its journey, and each has concluded that it's headed straight for us.


  What is this mystery world? what will it bring us? does it contain life? There are those who know the answer and have been preparing accordingly. In just two years time, we will come face-to-face with the great unknown...


  Discover a huge science fiction series that is always expanding and ever-growing. A new era is upon us!

Image by Lucas K

Series One - Chronicles

Lore expansion

Calvin Proctor Episode 1 Chronicles
Alana Stensaas Episode 1 Chronicles
Kayla Smith Episode 1 Chronicles
Remi Ackington Episode 1 Chronicles
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