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Verum Deus
Verum Deus


Pronunciation: vay-rum dee-oos

Class: Unknown

Weapon Grade: A

Weapon Type: Unknown

Planet Origin: Anarkand

Racial Origin: Koballah

Cloaking: Ultra High Powered

Shield Strength: 970

Speed: Unknown

Crew Status: Unconfirmed

Special Abilities: Unknown

Unique: One-of-a-kind


Not much is known about the Verum Deus other than the fact that it is the single most powerful ship that was under the command of the Koballah. Many stories of old tell of the Verum Deus and surprisingly, not all of them are evil. There are some writings that tell of the Koballahn Verum Deus riding to the rescue of other races.

There isn't much else that is known about the ship, the people that built it, how powerful it is or even what powers it in the first place. Most of Anarkand has accepted that the Koballahns have left their world on The Verum Deus never to return as neither the craft, nor any Koballahn's have been seen on or around Anarkand for centuries.


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