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Sujira Island

soo-jee-ra ai-lund

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Capital City:
Societal Structure:
Red Hex Status:

Greenery, hills, partial snow
No capital city registered
South-West Anarkand
Abundant / varied
Abundant / limited variation
Empiric ( Empress Sujira )
Active. 100% efficiency

N a t i v e s

Disciples of Radamik
Empress Sujira

Disciples of Radamik

Empress Sujira

L a n d s c a p e

A b o u t

O r i g i n s :

Sujira Island was gifted to the Empress of Anarkand, Empress Sujira. She has long claimed by her disciples to be the chosen wife of Anarkand's creator, Emperor Radamik. Whether this is true or not has been lost to the annals of time, however it is a belief that has persisted and has spread among the lands of this world.

The disciples of Radamik were a group of Anarkian warriors who took it upon themselves to spread the word of the emperor, and ensure that as many lands as possible followed their doctrine. They brought nothing good to the world, simply death and destruction to those who would question their tenets, beliefs, and systems of religious construct. Whilst the disciples were disbanded over 1200 years ago by a Marakai-led army of multiple Anarkian races, they do still have influence and power across many realms.

According to their own scripture, the empress, who they have sworn to protect in the absence of their emperor, was given this island as her own. She has full dominion over it and all that live there. It is believed that Sujira Island contains ancient artefacts, spoils of war, and books and teachings from many of the other realms. The disciples were, as the story goes, guilty of exerting power and control over the weaker races, and extorting them for all that they owned, and of anything they held dear.

Sujira Island is off-limits. This island is highly guarded by air, sea, and land. Anyone that comes close to the island will be met with extreme force, usually resulting in death.

I n h a b i t a n t s :

The main inhabitants of Sujira Island are The Disciples of Radamik. For many years, the disciples, or at least the few that remained after the Marakai-led war of the disciples , would live nomadic lives, however, it appears that in the last few years, the disciples have made a comeback, and their numbers grow daily around the world. It is clear to the rest of Anarkand that the disciples had simply been laying low, building another army, using Sujira Island as a base.

D i s c i p l e s :

The disciples are a group of Anarkian warriors who claim to follow the path of their world's Emperor, Radamik. The disciples believe they have the truest form of the principles the world's emperor and are determined to spread what they believe is the correct ruleset of Radamik to the rest of Anarkand by force, not as necessary, but by default. Wherever the disciples have traversed, you can be sure they have left behind a wake of death and chaos.

The disciples were disbanded over 1200 years ago by a Marakai-led army of multiple Anarkian races. The battle, none as the war of the disciples, raged on for over two decades with the Marakai-led alliance emerging victorious. The war, according to the stories passed down by generations of Marakai elders, was something that could not be avoided. They tell of the disciples destroying the virtues and values of cultures across the globe, all in the name of the emperor.

The elders wrote that the instructions left behind by the Emperor, were not as the disciples had claimed. The emperor demanded peace on his realm; he demanded unity. The elders tell an epic tale of heroism, where the Marakai joined forces with other races to put an end to the disciples and their religiously contrived oligarchal rule.

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