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A great new way to support the series creator

  • Anarkand Prime

    Every month
    • Prime Badge
    • Author AMA's
    • Supports the creator
    • Early access to content
    • Named on supporters wall
    • Sneak peeks at concept content
    • Early trailer access
    • Access to exclusive forum categories ( when released )
    • Access to exclusive content pages
    • Access to additional Lunaris RPG content

More Information

  • What is Anarkand Prime?
    Anarkand Prime is a great way to support the series creator and get exclusive access to additional content, rewards, and bonuses. Anarkand Prime members receive a ton of benefits which will be listed further below. Anarkand Prime is for those who wish to delve deeper into the works of Stephen Purdon, and who would like to champion his work. In addition there are exclusive digital and physical rewards for joining Anarkand prime
  • Anarkand Prime Content, features, and benefits
    Prime members are eligible to win special prizes as well as both physical and digital collectibles that aren’t available anywhere else. Supports the creator Anarkand prime members gain access to Q & A sessions with Stephen Anarkand Prime badge added to your profile. This displays in various locations across the website, such as forums, faction pages and groups, and blog posts. Anarkand Prime page access Early access to certain content Sneak peeks at future content Early trailer and concept access You will immediately be eligible for site moderation ( consideration, dependent on current numbers ) Prime supporter status added to Supporters Wall
  • Benefit: Anarkand Prime Badge
    You will automatically unlock the Anarkand Prime Badge on your profile. This will display next to your account name in forums, groups, your profile, and other sections of the website such as comments.
  • Benefit: Author A.M.A's
    Exclusive access to: AMA's AMA is an acronym for "Ask me anything". Essentially they are Q and A sessions with the author.
  • Benefit: Exclusive rewards
    Whilst there is no definitive list of exclusive rewards, these will be awarded at times throughout your membership. The rewards system is still being built at present.
  • Benefit: Full Member Profile
    Member profiles are free, however there will be a couple of additional options added to your profile when joining Prime
  • Benefit: Early Access to Content
    Anarkand Prime members benefit from early access to content. These include: Book Chapter Releases Chronicles releases New trading card announcements Interviews Videos Artworks Much more!
  • Benefit: Supporters Wall
    The Supporters Wall is a way for me to say thanks to those who support my work. The wall displays those who have contributed to the Anarkand series via the following ways: Donations Prime membership Founder packages Kickstarter Indiegogo Patreon
  • Benefit: Prize draw entry and giveaways
    Prime members are eligible to win special prizes as well as both physical and digital collectibles that aren’t available anywhere else. These will usually be quarterly but I will look to do a lot more as the numbers of Prime members increase.
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