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Star Hunter


Pronunciation: star hunter

Class: Exploration

Weapon Grade: D

Weapon Type: Offensive

Planet Origin: Earth

Racial Origin: Human

Cloaking: None

Shield Strength: 170

Speed: 150

Crew Status: Manned

Special Abilities: None

Unique: Not Unique


Manufactured by Aztech Dynamics, the Aztech Star Hunter stands as a testament to the ingenuity and technological prowess of the now defunct space tech company, Aztech Dynamics. A marvel of engineering, this sleek spacecraft embodies the fusion of cutting-edge design and advanced functionality.

Commissioned in the wake of the great interstellar technology boom of the 21st century, the Aztech Star Hunter was conceived as a symbol of unity and progress. Its construction marked a turning point for Aztech Dynamics, propelling the company into the forefront of space exploration and commerce.

Initially designed for long-range exploration missions, the Star Hunter quickly gained renown for its versatility and reliability. Its maiden voyage, a daring expedition to the outer reaches of the galaxy, solidified its reputation as a pioneering vessel capable of pushing the boundaries of known space.

Over the years, the Star Hunter has served a multitude of purposes, from scientific research to diplomatic missions. It has weathered the trials of space travel with resilience, earning the trust of its crew and the admiration of countless inhabitants across the cosmos.

One of the main draws of the Star Hunter was its price point. it was significantly cheaper than other commercially available craft and didn't require owners to apply for interstellar licensing.

The primary purpose of the Aztech Star Hunter is to facilitate exploration and discovery in the vast expanse of the universe. Equipped with decent weaponry, manageable sensors and advanced propulsion systems, it is capable of traversing the most treacherous regions of space with ease.

But perhaps most importantly, the Star Hunter embodies the spirit of human ambition and curiosity. It is a vessel not just of metal and circuitry, but of dreams and aspirations, inspiring generations to reach for the stars and unlock the mysteries of the cosmos.


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