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The Anark Fellow - First Degree

This Degree is intended as an introduction to The Arkitects. You will volunteer yourself for membership via the application. You must be a worldly human being, someone who is determined to better themselves and the world around them. All new members are welcome to join and we encourage active membership. The new member will learn about our initiatives for humanity and will be welcomed to gain a better understanding of how we aim to achieve our goals whilst promoting better self-governance of mind and body.

The Anark Fellow is expected to promote out goals, aims and values in a positive light and will be provided tools and resources to make the most of membership. The Anark Fellow will be entrusted with certain knowledge of the true capacity for the human soul and the purpose to which we can all aspire to discover, and of course attain. There is a structure to learning more and there will be relevant notification should the member wish to partake further study into the second degree, known as Deum Verum.


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