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MG2209 - ( The Mecka Galaxian 2209 )

At present we have 150 spaceships. We are looking to add up to 100 more. Our spaceships, model MG2209, are, by Earth standards, incredibly powerful and robust. They are shaped like a concave disc / saucer. The MG2209's body size is 720 metres long.


The MG2209 is used purely for planetary defence, city defence, and interception. These ships can carry up to 200 Mecka soldiers, complete with an array of small arms and support weapons. We will usually deploy them in pairs, as we have in our testing, which was conducted both in, 2002, and 2008 respectively.

The main weapon of the MG2209 is its concentrated Sentinel energy beam. This is located directly front centre, and we have two smaller beams that can be emitted from the left and right side of the ship. Once the weapon is fully charged, which can take anywhere between 5-15 seconds, a huge beam of concentrated enegry shoots from the attached cannons, annihilating anything in its path.

For shielding, we have energy shields that were developed by Grey industries back in 2002. The shields offer exceptional protection against many of the attacks we tested against. One of the key strengths of the defence system, is that due to the nature of the material used to craft an MG2209, and the sheer size of the ship, it will be able to withstand direct attacks for a sustained period even without its shields.

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